Testimony to Celebrate the 56th Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

By Kim Young Hwi, Chairman, Cheon Eui Won

3.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 4th Year of Cheon Il Guk (April 22, 2016)


Today, we have gathered to celebrate the cosmic occasion that is the 56th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding. 56 years ago, the Heavenly Parent raised True Father and True Mother as the first ancestors of humankind, the True Parents. It is a tremendous honor for all of us to gather here in Cheon Jeong Gung to celebrate this meaningful day in the presence of the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Representing all the blessed families from around the world, I would like to congratulate True Parents on the 56th anniversary of their Holy Wedding.

As we begin this memorable celebration, I will would like to thank True Parents for granting me the honor of offering a celebratory testimony. As you are well aware, True Parents held their engagement ceremony on March 1, 1960 by the lunar calendar in the old headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong, Seoul. On March 16 by the lunar calendar, True Parents held the historic Holy Wedding in the old headquarters church before 700 members selected from churches around the nation. The following year, True Parents during the anniversary of the engagement ceremony (March 1), True Parents proclaimed “Parents’ Day”. This shows the importance of the engagement ceremony. The day before the engagement ceremony, February 28 by the lunar calendar, True Parents selected three families including mine and hosted the special engagement ceremony for the three families. With this ceremony, True Parents fulfilled the condition of having loved the Cain families.

The Heavenly Parent sent the returning Lord as the only begotten son and prepared beforehand the only begotten daughter as the bride of heaven. Hence, prior to the Holy Wedding, various spiritual phenomena occurred and the Holy Wedding took place in the midst of heaven and earth’s blessings. In particular, from an early age, True Mother and people around her experienced spiritual phenomena on several occasions that she would become the bride of Heaven. As the day of the Holy Wedding approached, several members had the dream that True Mother would become the bride of heaven. All ceremonies were held in accordance with the instructions of the spirit world; simply put, the Holy Wedding was directly officiated by the Heavenly Parent.

Looking back, True Father who came as the returning Lord was rejected by the Christian groups specially prepared to receive him in North and South Korea. When the final attempt to have spiritual groups in North Korea unite with True Father failed, True Father was left exposed to Satan’s vicious attacks. In Daedong prison, True Father was tortured until he was half-dead and then thrown out into the cold. After recovering his health, True Father stayed in the house of Grandmother Park and worked to restore the three great blessings. True Father victoriously completed the restoration of the vertical 8 stages and fought for 43 days with the spirit world to reveal the truth. Furthermore, True Father was victorious in the providence to receive the Heavenly Parent’s seal of approval. On this foundation, True Father could once more stand and work in the position of the returning Messiah.

Thereafter, True Father walked the path of indemnifying the faithlessness of Jesus’ 12 apostles that led to his crucifixion. From February 22, 1948 to October 14, 1950, True Father walked the decisive path of victory in Heugnam concentration camp. In Heugnam, Satan made the ultimate attempt to take True Father’s life; yet, True Father risked his life, restored more than 12 disciples and achieved victory. After being freed by the UN forces, True Father could return to South Korea.

While in South Korea, True Father wrote the “Original Text of the Divine Principle,” founded a religious organization that was independent from Christian groups, and began witnessing. On May 1, 1954, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was founded in Seoul. At the age of 33, True Father established the condition of indemnifying the painful 33 years of Jesus’ life and on that foundation, launched a new, Abel-type religious organization that would stand in the place of Christianity.

After that, True Father victoriously completed the 7-course and the substantial providence of restoration up to the perfection stage of the growth period. On that foundation, True Father met with True Mother, the 3rd Eve, and together, they hosted the Holy Wedding of the Lamb for the first time in history. True Parents’ Holy Wedding ceremony was directly approved by the Heavenly Parent and True Parents became the first ancestors of humanity. This event was the grand turning point of history; it was a truly revolutionary event with no precedent in the past or future of human history. From that day, Satan began to retreat before the Heavenly Parent and the Heavenly Parent could begin a new cosmic providence of restoration on earth and in heaven.

Five days after hosting the Holy Wedding of the Lamb, True Parents began hosting the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony marks the perfection of the providence to save humanity. Through the Blessing, countless blessed families have been born. In particular, beginning with 1972, True Parents began the providence to restore the world centering on the United States. At a time when the former USSR aimed to communize the world, True Parents launched various strategies aimed at protecting the free world centering on the United States. Eventually, True Parents brought about the downfall of the former Soviet Union.

Furthermore, True Parents began the providence to perfect the restoration of the spirit world in 1995. In February 1999, True Parents started the ancestors’ liberation ceremony and on March 21, 1999, the momentous event where Satan surrendered happened. In December of the same year, True Parents began the ancestors’ blessing ceremony and through it, began the liberation of hell in the spirit world. True Parents opened the path for all spirit selves to ascend to Heaven. On the basis of these historic events, True Parents installed God in His original position through the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God held on January 13, 2001.

Today, we are attending True Parents on earth and in the spirit world. True Parents have installed God in His original position and have opened the path for all humanity to receive a new life. True Parents have been the starting point of all victorious dispensations and we have gathered to celebrate the anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding.

21 days before his ascension, True Father proclaimed the completion and conclusion of the providence of restoration through his last official proclamation on July 17 2012 by the Heavenly Calendar. True Father also blessed all blessed families to become Tribal Messiahs who can represent the nation; then, True Father proclaimed, “All is accomplished!”

It is time for us to uphold the Will of the our victorious True Parents and invest ourselves wholeheartedly in the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk. Let us firmly unite as one centering on True Parents; let us march forward by holding high the light of love and truth bequeathed by our beloved True Parents. This is the only way to truly celebrate True Parents’ Holy Wedding; it is also the way to pass on True Parents’ tradition and achievements to future generations.

I would like to once more gather the hearts of our brothers and sisters and congratulate True Parents on their Holy Wedding. Thank you.