Solomon Islands : 21 Days Center Life Experience

By FFWPU Solomon Islands: 21 Days Center Life Experience Program was held starting from April 4 and finish on April 24, 2016. It was a three weeks program which includes first week on education on Life of Faith, Tradition, and Significance of the Formula Course Activities, Significance of Blessing and True Parents Life Course. The remaining two weeks are centered on practical activities and directly participating in the daily center life activities. The Graduation was held during the Sunday service on 24th April 2016. The Special Envoy Rev. Daeyeon Goo presented the participants with certificate and the Exposition of the Divine Principle text book.

There are seven participants altogether, with four boys and three girls this include a sister from Vanuatu. The Formula Course activities were one of the main activities they do. That is Fundraising, Witnessing and Education. In a week we have four days of fundraising and witnessing, and on Saturdays we have 1 Day Divine Principle Workshop. Also they involve in other center program and activities. Our daily program started with a 5.30 am Hoon Dook Hae and closed with a 9 pm closing and report meeting.

Both the participants and the fulltime members work together and enjoyed the program. We successfully completed the 21 Days CLEP and three brothers and two sisters pledge to continue their Life of Faith activities by becoming a fulltime member.