SFT Europe: Parents Workshop 2016

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The STF Parents Workshop this year has been held in Rome from the 25th to the 28th of March.

We have been hosted by the Italian community in Colle Mattia workshop centre, a very nice workshop site in the midst of nature.

The STF participants had the chance to meet their parents coming from all over the world and spend time together, sharing their hearts and experiences.

The workshop lasted 2 full days. Part of the schedule was an afternoon in Rome, that gave the chance to have a deeper bonding between the workshop participants, and a Family Evening that gave the opportunity to parents and children to offer wonderful performances.

During the workshop the participants received a lecture about communication and also had the chance to share testimonies about the past few months in STF.

The atmosphere during the whole workshop has been one of caring and bonding with each other, and the participants could reflect a lot on the concept that we are all one family under God.

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