Blessed Families in Solomond Islands

Sewing Training

WFWP Solomond Islands conducted a sewing training on March. The mothers participating at this program are really satisfied with the training. They will pass on what they learn, to the local communities where they come from. They will serve people by teaching this skills and witness to the principles of life they need to know.

Divine Principle Workshops

FFWPU Solomond Islands: We hold a 1-day Divine Principle workshop on every weekends. Students from the University South Pacific (USP) and the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) are the main participants. The average attendance for March is 10 students.

Those who have attended the 1 Day Divine Principle workshops are then qualified to attend the 7-Day Divine Principle workshop. And on March we had a total of 18 students, who participated in 7-Day workshop.

This time all the participants were overwhelmed by the lectures and presentation by Rev. Christopher Bokabule, National Leader of Solomon Islands. They promised to continue with their participation through attending Sunday services and other youth programs.

Six participants (Four boys and two girls) asked to particiapte at our 21-DaysCenter Life Experience Program (CLEP). Usually in the 21-Day workshop, participants will go through a Formula Course Training and activities, which includes witnessing and fundraising.

Presentation of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation Scholarship

The year 2016 was a blessed year for the Solomon Islands. We have received four scholarship awards from the True Parents. With the hearts of gratitude all the blessed families and members would like to applause our True Parent, specially families of the four recipients would like to convey their gratitude to the True Parent.

The recipients pledged to do their best in their studies and achieve the best results. They pledge to fulfill their responsibilities as the True Parents have expected from them.