Togo: School and Absolute Sex

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By YFWP Togo: Youth federation for world peace Togo (FGMP Togo) hold a seminar on morality and absolute sex for 120 students at Agbelouvé high school on March 17, 2016. The theme was: “Sex in school and its consequences (unwanted pregnancies, STDs and AIDS)

The audience was composed of students of different classes of high school Agbelouvé. Mr. Moses ADENIGI, gave an introduction about Youth Federation for World Peace. After that a video presentation under the title of “The outbreak of the shadows” moved the audience.

The main lecture of the event given by Mr. David Koffi. He emphasized on the importance of abstinence and purity for the youth on their way for success of their school life to prevent school failure as well as diseases related to early sexuality. He also emphasized that sex should be reserved for people who have reached their maturity, and are no longer dependent on their parents, but became man and wife recognized and so blessed by God.

At the end of the conference, a very rich debate allowed students to meet their expectations. 21 student expressed their desire to join the YFWP TOGO to experience and better absorb the ideals it preaches, and to convey this message to others in the surrounding villages.

The headmaster and teachers were inspired by this event and asked us to have more of this education program because they believe the school is threatened by the scourge of pregnancies. There were 17 cases of pregnancy only in this school during last year.

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