Project Phoenix: Empowering Inter-generational Relationships

By FFWPU USA: This past weekend, April 8-10, 120 Unificationists, young and old, gathered at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas, NV for the first gathering of Project Phoenix, a pilot project of Origins Partnership.


Day 1 of Project Phoenix

Participants came with high hopes that it would be a transformative weekend, but with little understanding of the project and its vision, relying heavily on faith in the organizers. At the end of the weekend, it was clear their faith was in good hands.

The idea of Project Phoenix was conceived by a small group of younger and older Unificationists who had a profound experience around healing and reconciliation between young and older generations. Built on the foundation of four years of prayers for the concern of the growth of the Unification movement in North America, its premise holds that by creating intergenerational unity focused on authentic relationships as a family, we can create communities across the states filled with joy and loving families centered on God.

The purpose of the conference was as follows:

To experience God, be lit up about our lives and unique contribution, to leave connected to a dynamic community, and to be empowered in moving forward as a family and movement.

To set a space where everyone could grow as family, 14 family groups were created at the gathering, each consisting of about six to eight participants. Each family group consisted of a mix of senior and junior Unificationists. Lucia Anderson and Tasnah Moyer facilitated a session, guiding participants to commit to creating a space of discovery, listening, sharing and being present.

David Young led a guided session from his Divine Principle application seminar, Take Your Life On, on taking ownership of life as God’s child. This assisted in opening hearts and minds to receive not just the person sitting in the chair across the table, but to receive ourselves as people fully capable of anything.

“I really enjoyed David Young’s talk,” said participant Laura Boitano. “It was about empowering yourself to change your attitude to change your circumstances, and I thought that was really relevant to my life and a really useful tool to not victimize yourself but to empower yourself to get the results that you want in your life.”

With this in place, Justin Okamoto facilitated the process of setting intentions for the weekend. Afterwards, Sam Orman led the group family-time fun that had everyone playing games, singing, and dancing. The night closed powerfully with group song and prayer in trinities. Read More