People Who Choose the Unification Church

By Maarten Meijer: In November of 2015, Coliseum Publishers in Seoul published my seventh and most recent book, “통일교를선택한사람들,” People Who Choose the Unification Church.

The book was offered to True Mother in the Cheon Jeong Gung, the Original Palace, on February 10, 2016. She has recognized its value as a powerful education and witnessing tool. The book is now for sale on websites and in book stores throughout Korea, including at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center store. It has received a lot of attention and support from the Korean Unification Church and has been covered in various Korean Unification Movement related media, among which the Segye Times and the Religion News.

Recently, our Movement’s Chamsarang-TV produced a 35-minute documentary about me and my family, our life in Korea, and my work as a writer, with a particular focus People Who Choose the Unification Church. Please share the documentary with your contacts and give the book to Koreans in your community you are trying to witness to.

We created a website dedicated to informing people about the book.