Nepal: TIMD Instructors’ Training

By TIMD Nepal: Tong Il Moo Do Association Nepal organized 3-day instructors training at the training center in Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal. We had 12 black belt and one brown belt participants, who came from all across the nation for this training.

Opening ceremony was held on April 23, 2016. President of TIMD Nepal Mr. Santosh Kumar Paudel spoke to participants giving a firm strategy to develop TIMD in Nepal. TIMD Nepal General Secretary Mr. Surya Bahadur Bhattarai gave welcoming remarks. The director of the training center Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari, and Chief instructor of Nepal Shin KyokuShin Karate Association in Mahottari District joined our event.

FFWPU Nepal Lecturer, Mr. Kashi Nath Khanal gave a principle guidance as a practicing tool for all the TIMD player. He mentioned that ‘we need to become public minded people who honor purity. As frontline runner if we do not practice what we teach, then we will block the way for other new players who can be more potential than us.

During the event all the players practiced higher forms and step-sparring. We also had one lecture presented by Mr. Keshav Raj Gautam, who served 32 years in Sports Council. He spoke about sports science and the basic technic for instructing. We also had time to practice Judo Technic by guided by Mr. Manoj Bahadur K. C., the Judo International Referee. Mr. Deependra Thakur, Demo Coordinator of TIMD Nepal coached the training.

At the closing ceremony, Vice President of National Sport Council and General Secretary of Nepal Olympic Committee Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa joined us as special guest. Mr. Lama gave the closing remarks and also distributed the certificates. In his remarks he spoke about the important and value of player

Special Emissary to Asia, Dr. Robert S. Kittel, talked about importance of uniting mind and body. Program was conducted by TIMD Nepal Vice President and Technical Director Master Deepak Bastola.