Nepal: Religious Youth Service 2016

A Religious Youth Service project took place in Kathmandu Pokhara, Nepal on March 17-23, 2016, with the theme “Youth for Peace and Social Transformation “. Participants engaged in community-based volunteer work, educational presentations, interfaith and community visits, interactive programs, and cross-cultural learning experiences.

The 43 participants came from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, Sierra Leon, UAE as well as Nepal.


Cross Culture Learning

A catalyst for cross-cultural learning, Religious Youth Service projects creates a common platform for all participants despite their diverse backgrounds. The visits to different religious sites helped participants understand each faith. In addition, international participants learned about the Nepalese culture, traditions, and religious heritage by visiting local families and being involved in the community.

RYS participants are drastically potential in terms of leadership. Before they are invited for said Service Project, they undergone such a screening, question and answer, to know there vision and their abilities on how to lead their country at their very young age. Participants are Founder of Youth Organization, president of different organization and peace advocator in their own country.


Interfaith Dialogue

They visited the Christian church, Mosque, Buddhist Temple and Hindu Temple. And had very much spiritual experienced through interfaith visit programs. Most of the RYS participants had first- hand experience of visiting all faiths at the first time.


Community Works

RYS participants painted Library Hall, Information Pillars at Prithavi Narayan multiple campus of Pokhara District. Temporary Learning Center (TLC) was handed over to the community in Lalitpur for earthquake affected children.

Interaction program was held at the PN Campus one of the most popular campus affiliated with the Tribhuvan University of Nepal.



In their program, they share their culture, belief and tradition. One of the participants from Pakistan said “Father Moon teaching is creating the bridge of love, breaking the walls and boundaries from different races, culture, skin culture and ethnicity, These RYS programmed make me awake from a deep sleep of being ignorance and not knowing the Universal principle.”

Mr. Piya Ratna Maharjan, the Project Director, played the vital role of bringing young future leaders from different countries of the world. With the help of our Special Cheon Il Guk Emissary Dr. Robert S. Kittel who gave a very inspiring message and with the helping hand of the Special Envoy to Nepal, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, and Rev. Santosh Kumar Poudel, FFWPU-Nepal President, gave the courage to continuously work in their fields and to voice words of hope the people.

One of the delegates, elected Mayor of Karachi city, Ahmed from Pakistan said RYS was a great platform for knowing different religions and cultures.

“The days I spent on the RYS Nepal project were not only very informative and service-oriented but also the most disciplined event that I ever have attended. I look forward to taking part in future RYS projects, and I will recommend them to other people as well “said another delegate Sirotulnaimah Naimah from Malaysia.

The Russian team led by Mr. Dimitry Samko, Secretary General UPF Russia, experienced the RYS Nepal as a very positive taste of Asian Culture (East) by a Westerner.

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During the RYS Project, we had remarkable close relationships between all the participants, especially between India and Pakistan. We were able to build warm friendship between Indian brothers and Pakistani brothers and sisters from Karachi. They shared the same room and could not separate from each other as strong bond was established. Thanks to RYS and True Parents who created this wonderful idea bringing peace among enemy nation.

The Cultural Night was marked by a vibrant cultural program in which participants showcased their country’s culture through singing and traditional dancing.

In the presence of Hon. Ek. Nath Dhakal, Minister of Peace and Reconstruction, Government of Nepal the project was officially closed through the awarding of certificate (graduation ceremony at UPF Nepal headquarters). Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Rev. Santosh Paudel, NL of Nepal and Rev. Binod Paudel attended the graduation ceremony.