Kenya: Tribal Messiah Blessing and Children’s Easter Workshop

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By FFWPU Kenya, Wivine Omware: On April 7, 2016 we had an Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival for the Pastors. And all the blessed families invited their guests to this event. Unfortunately, one couple who are living in Nakuru, some 80 km away from Nairobi, had to cancel their trip because of an accident accrued for their son, which eventually took them to the hospital. There were some other invited pastors who canceled their trip because of unpleasant situation happened for their families as well. In the end we managed to have 11 participants, all pastors of different churches and their wives.

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On that day we began our event with an education program which was followed by the blessing ceremony. One couple were getting married in an official ceremony for the first time so it was a very special event for them. This event was a very joyful blessed event for all the couples as they said so. And on April 10, all the couples began a 7-day Divine Principle workshop.

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Divine Principle Workshop for Children

On April 10-14, 2016 we had a 4-day workshop for children from age 5 to 12 years old organized by our Sunday School coordinator. The contents in this workshop covered Divine principle and True Father’s life course. They specially learned about True Parents’ character of a durance, concentration, love, and faith ….

At the end, all the participants had a beautiful performance at the Sunday Service to show their appreciation. Parents of the participants were so happy for this education program for their children and asked for more such a programs in the future.

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