Global Peace in the 21st Century: Asia’s Responsibility

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By UPF/FFWPU Asia, Ursula McLackland: UPF and FFWPU in Asia co-hosted the 17th Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) in Bangkok, Thailand from March 25-27, 2016. Among the 114 participants from 3 different countries in Asia we had 15 participants from Cambodia, 6 participants from Indonesia and 93 participants from Thailand. This is largest number of VIP participants (from Thailand) at a Divine Principle workshop in the history of Thailand, most of them are high level government leaders with the responsibility to ensure peace, sustainable development and happiness for the communities and people such as 2 chief district officers, 2 deputy chief district officers, 36 sub-district directors and deputy sub-district directors, 16 school directors, school principals and teachers, 10 heads for Social Development and Human Security on district and provincial levels, 1 military general, 1 medical doctor (hospital director), other government leaders.

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Reflection by Dr. Ronnachit Putthala, Chief of Main District, Kalasin Province (After listening to the reflections from 45 government and community leaders from Kalasin province who participated in the ALC during their 9-hour bus ride from Bangkok back to Kalasin province):

  • I am so inspired to participate in this seminar and was so impressed by the content and experience of each lecturer who conveyed Father Moon ‘s vision through their own experiences. All participants from Kalasin were deeply impressed by what TP have accomplished.
  • A professor of a Master Degree Program was wondering before the seminar why his wife works so enthusiastically for FFWPU, almost like a full time member, and even wants to donate their house and land to FFWPU. Many times, his wife tried to share the TF’s autobiography with him but he did not pay much attention. After listening to all the lectures, he became very happy and wants to study the content more deeply. He is amazed by TF’s incredible effort and sacrifice for the sake of the whole world and determined to become a lecturer who can convey TP’s vision to others.
  • Other leaders are also deeply inspired. The chairman of the sub-district administration office, chairman of the municipality, sub-district headmen, permanent secretary of the sub-district administration office and school directors expressed their admiration for TP and FFWPU, and expressed their gratitude to Dr. Ronnachit who invited them to join this seminar.
  • The director of a sub-district community hospital, who is a professional lecturer, wants to become a lecturer for FFWPU. He suggested to open an FFWPU center in Kalasin as soon as possible in order to expand our work rapidly in their province so that we can systematically raise up leaders for FFWPU programs among the local government leaders.
  • Dr. Ronnachit determined to expand the FFWPU activities and education programs to other provinces where he has friends and colleagues. He believes that he can establish a Model Peaceful Town and Model Peaceful Province through the teachings of TP and FFWPU.

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Reflection by Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn:

This ALC is a great breakthrough in the tribal messiah movement in Thailand. The lectures by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Dr. Robert Kittel and Mrs. Ursula McLackland about the Attributes of True Love, Divine Principle and TP’s Life Course had great impact on the participants.

Most of the Thai participants are already involved in organizing Blessing programs in their areas and over 50% have already completed the 3-day Ceremony. They were overwhelmed when they got to know about how much TP had to suffer and sacrifice in order to teach us and give us the Blessing.

They determined to take stronger ownership for the expansion of TP’s teaching and the work of FFWPU in their own communities and districts. They suggested to register FFWPU as an association on the provincial level so that they can raise funds through membership fees and financial grants from the government and private sectors.

They also see the urgent need to expand the Pure Love movement in their schools and communities through YFWP.

The Cambodian participants, mainly government leaders working for the youth of the country, attended the ALC in preparation of the 50,000 Youth Rally to be held in Phnom Penh in May whereas the Indonesian participants came to learn more about the UPF family education programs and conduct Blessing Ceremonies in their home areas.

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