Germany: 2-Day Easter Seminar


By FFWPU Germany, Claus Dubisz: Could there be any better time for a Divine Principle seminar than at Easter, the anniversary of when Jesus passed on his mission to Father on a lonely mountain in Korea?

And yet, in 2016 we could not simply take it for granted that there would be a seminar: the guests registered at the last minute, staff members were involved in other projects, and replacements even had to be found for the usual kitchen staff. On the other hand, many members had offered supportive prayers and so in the end everything worked out beautifully: there were inspired lecturers from the first (Claus Dubisz, Herbert Beyer) and second (Hyoman Noguchi) generation, Heidi Wakayama was workshop mother and moderator, guests came from Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Bonn (including a whole African family) and even the weather gave us a taste of the coming spring.

Many found it significant, especially on this weekend (March 25 – 27, 2016) that we spoke about Jesus’ course and were able to comfort his heart in that we could truly demonstrate just what he had accomplished; after all, Father’s understanding goes far beyond that of Christianity.

The accompanying program lent a warm family atmosphere to the lectures, and even the 6-year-old daughter of the Angolian family was able to make a contribution. The kitchen staff -Margaret Staudinger, her daughter Mathea, and Solinde Röhring – received special praise for providing the physical food to complement the spiritual nourishment.

One guest described the workshop thus: ‘the various presentations were efficient, well-structured and easy to understand. The improvised entertainment on Saturday evening was a lot of fun…. not to be forgotten was the refreshing walk in the woods on Saturday afternoon. We had a surprise Easter egg hunt in the garden on Sunday morning.’

One of our more senior sisters summarized it thus: ‘I feel inspired anew to bring other guests to a workshop in Camberg, in order to study and to teach the Divine Principle. I think that in the future we can make more use of the Neumuehle as a seminar center and can bring even more guests here. A special thanks goes to all who helped with the workshop, and the catering etc. I am now inspired to recommend this seminar to others.’