Fiji: Values Education Seminars

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By FFWPU Fiji: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Fiji conducted a “VALUES EDUCATION SEMINAR” in partnership with the Universal Peace Federation Fiji to the campus student leaders and selected qualified teachers from the different selected high standard campuses in Fiji.

The main speaker and lecturer of the seminar was Mr. Gregory Stone, the General Secretary of Universal Peace Federation Oceania Continent.

Mr. Stone delivered the lectures from point to point details of the main topic of seminar where the importance of Values education was addressed for the teachers and the students that make all the participants being active and more interested about the lectures.

Mr. Stone give the lectures in a very effective manner where in all the participants has there own suggestion and reaction in a positive side of the seminar, for the moral and ethical development of society specially in the Fijian land.

The seminar was organized by the staff and the board and by the chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Fiji and Universal Peace Federation Fiji Mr. Santosh Neupane.

The said activity was approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Fiji and was being appreciated by the ministry.

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First Seminar

The 1st activity was conducted at the Saraswati College in Nausori City Fiji last March 29, 2016 under the agreement between the Saraswati Foundation and the (FFWPU FIJI and UPF FIJI). The senior students and the vice principal of the college attended the seminar. The participants listened to the lectures of Mr. Stone about values education and after that they are team up by 4 and they have a team reflection and then next a representatives of every team give their general reflection in front of the crowd and it was a very successful seminar that the students has realized the importance of values education.

The participants are deeply affected by the seminar itself. Four of the students give the general reflection in every group and the thing is they caught up only one thing in common the world of Living for the sake of others. And they understand how it should be apply as a student and as a children and son and daughters. Even its first for them to attend and hear such kind of seminar the participants and the vice principal of the college was very impressed and inspired to share it to their respective family, friends, and neighbors.

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Second Seminar

The 2nd seminar was held at the Tilak High School Lautoka Fiji that was attended by 97 participants.

95 % of the participants are highly qualified and interested teachers from the selected campuses of Lautoka City and 5 % of the participants are senior leaders of girls and boys in selected campuses also.

The seminar took 7 hours, from 9 am to 4 pm and it turns to a very successful seminar that transformed the hearts of all the participants to what the point of seminar is aiming of the importance of Values education to the campuses of whole Fiji Islands.

After the whole lectures was delivered by our very own Mr. Gregory Stone there was a open forum of reflections between teachers and students who attended the seminar that would conclude the seminar to be a successful one.

The teachers reaction about the seminar was very positive. General of them said that that kind of seminar is not only for them teachers but parents should also be involved about that kind of seminars so that it would be more effective to develop both parenting and character development of the young people.

Some of the teachers realized that the basic solution of the problem of the society today specially in Fiji is the this kind of values education for the students, teachers and most likely the parents should know the important of parenting values education.

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A teacher added that the information that they gain, it should be not just for them selves but it should be shared all over the society and even to the whole world.

Also one representative of the student body expressed his gratitude of being part of the seminar because it helps the students to understand what is their responsibility as a student and as a siblings. This student said that living for the sake for others is so important in a family, that every members should respect everyone .there’s should be unity between parents and children. And that all the students should know about that kind of new information of values education.

Mr. Wasu Deo the general secretary of UPF Fiji added the reflection of the teachers and students that the most important thing is love . He shared his own experience how he expressed his love to his own family and add some humor that makes the whole crowd laugh but pick an important lesson what’s the significance of values education in both home and in school. Mr. Wasu inspired the participants to actualized all those things that they’ve learned in the seminar.

The seminar was concluded by the speech of our chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Fiji Universal Peace Federation Fiji Mr. Santosh Neupane.

Mr. Santosh asserted an important passage about a “Quality time” to his family. He shared about his experience with his own daughter. His daughter asked him many times to walk with him until the time he allowed his daughter to go with him. Mr. Santosh said that at that time he doesn’t realized that it is a very special time for his daughter to feel on that way.

In Mr. Santosh birthday his daughter right something to him a simple words that inculcated on his heart and mind that says, “Papa , it so nice to walk with you papa” Mr. Santosh asked his wife about the letter but his wife told him that his daughter wrote that letter, a very young daughter wrote that kind of realization and appreciation to her father. So Mr. Santosh realized the quality time for each and every family. He really touches the heart of every participants about this quality time for every family. All in all the seminar culminated in a successful manner that is expected to influenced the curriculum and character building aspects of teaching of the Ministry of education here in Fiji.

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