Brazil: Peace Walk

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By UPF Brazil: On April 15, we held our second meeting for Ambassadors of Peace and 5th Public Meeting for Peace in the town hall of Palhoça, which was attended by public figures from Florianopolis who have already received the title of Ambassador of Peace, including the State deputy Ivon Jomir de Souza, the President of City Hall, Otavio Marcelino Martins, Coronel Aureus Sandro Cardoso (received the title for his focus on the work of PROERD in Schools in Palhoça), Sergeant Adam Rodrigues (Doing Social assistance in recovery centers in Florianopolis) Father Paul Peter Alexander (Florianópolis), José Luiz da Silva Spricigo (Doing social service, offering buses to needy institutions and NGOs), Secretary of social assistance, Adriano da Silva Matos (assistance to children in need by offering training courses) and Councilman Arcedino Jose Cerino (working with drug recovery center and Nursing Homes for the Elderly).

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The event started with the official video showing the work of UPF, followed by the keynote address of the UPF’s president in South America, Dr. Neudir Simon Ferabolli with the title, “The Family Strengthening as the key to a world of Peace”. The Ambassador Mariah Terezinha Pereira Nascimento, Rector of the Municipal Faculty of Palhoça, also spoke on the theme of “Family, a God’s design for the world.”

At the end of the conference, we had 26 new Ambassadors for Peace appointed. Also we honored those Ambassadors who stood out in their social activities during the year 2015 such as John Carlos Armandio, with Ambassador Trophy of the year; Otavio Marcelino Martins, Tenant Colonel Aureus Sandro Cardoso and Roberto Pascoalato received the “friends of UPF” trophy.

Five ambassadors for peace offered the title to their VIPs brought to the section. All the chosen people do social and community services. Attended the event a total of 210 people.

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Peace Walk

UPF Brazil in partnership with the City hall of Palhoça, held the Eighth Walk for Peace on April 16, 2016. This year the event was hosted in Upper Aririu neighborhood along with the director of the State Primary School Nicolina Tancredo, Iara Lucia Cassatari. Students, parents, teachers, ambassadors for peace and around one thousand people participated in the 8th Walk of Peace in Palhoça.

Ambassador Carlos Armandio led the organization, meeting with other ambassadors who contributed to the success of the event.

The institutions joined the 8th Walk of Peace were: Community High Aririu Center, Community Center Madrid, Primary School Our Lady of Fatima, State Schools Nicolina Tancredo, Association of Women Anita Garibaldi (AMAG), Women’s Association for World Peace (AMPM) and CARP- Brazil. According with the Military Police, 800 participants attend the event.

The coordinator of the events, Pastor Alvaro de Souza, state leader of Santa Catarina worked hard together with the blessed families and ambassadors of peace to offer a success event.

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