WFWP International Celebrates CSW’s 60th Session


By FFWPU USA: This week, the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) International joins the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in celebrating its 60th session, starting with a forum at the New York City Salvation Army on Tuesday, March 15. The crowd of over 100 included WFWPI President Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, a group of young students, and men and women of all ages. Attendees came from all over the world, united in an interest to promote the empowerment of women and their role in building strong families and strong societies.

This parallel event featured a panel of four speakers: Mrs. Amalle Daou, founder and director of Active Intervention for Mothers; Annie Franklin, director of international activities at Family Watch International; Carolyn Handschin, international vice president and director of the UN Office of WFWPI; and Sharon Pedrosa, co-chair of the Student Advisory Board at Montage Initiative.

The panel was facilitated by deputy director of the UN Office of WFWP International, Mrs. Alexa Ward, who introduced each speaker and led a Q&A session after the event. Each speaker shared on the topic of “Engaging Women in Sustainable Development” highlighting their respective organizations’ projects concerning the family, transformation and co-prosperity. The students in attendance asked insightful questions at the end of the event, which the panel eagerly addressed, happy to instill hope and encouragement in these young minds.

Stay tuned for more this week from WFWP, including a dinner banquet with Yeon Ah Moon on March 16, and an international young women leaders’ retreat from March 18-20.