USA: Unificationists Share the Word and Food with Neighbors


By FFWPU USA: Unificationists in Kissimmee, Florida are currently in the midst of their second 40-day outreach initiative for 2016. Local pastors Rev. Jeddie and Elma King, along with local Unificationists, have been going door-to-door to offer food and flyers bearing the words of True Parents to their neighbors.

After collecting food from local grocery stores, Kissimmee Unificationists loaded up their vans and trucks with their purchases and hit the road together. As they knocked on doors to offer food, they also took the opportunity to offer their insights into the value of True Parents and into their vision for achieving global peace.

Some of the people they met kindly accepted the food and conversed at the thresholds or garages of their homes. Others actually opened their doors completely and welcomed the members of the outreach team to speak and share more inside. The atmosphere among the outreach team throughout the day was bright and uplifting, bolstered as they were by the practice of giving freely and without expectation of receiving anything in return.

The inspiration and excitement of the Kissimmee Unificationist community in sharing God’s love and hope with their neighbors is catching. What could you share with your neighbors in the next 40 days? Who in your community is in need of either spiritual or literal food–or both? How could you, your family, your friends work together to meet those needs?

As the spring weather gradually begins to grace us with its presence here in America, it provides a great opportunity to get out and reach out. What will you do today?