USA: Seminar Explores Three Blessings


by FFWPU USA: Forty people of all ages gathered for a workshop at the Rhode Island Family Church on the theme “Because of Love” on Saturday, March 5, 2016. This inter-generational program, hosting participants from all over Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, explored the nature and motivation of God and stimulated lively discussion among participants. Presenter Gerry Servito engaged Unificationists and guests in a day of exciting learning and fellowship.

The purpose of the workshop, according to Pastor Mark Beaudoin, who also emceed the workshop, was “to stimulate growth consciousness within the community, and to inspire or re-inspire witnessing and tribal messiahship activities.”

“Our hopes and goals were to see some activity and interest generated within our community,” said Rev. Beaudoin. “I think that the fact that other communities joined the seminar gave our own community members hope that we can do something and make things happen.”

Gerry Servito gave three presentations on the theme of, “The Heart of God via the Principle of Creation & Unification Thought,” which unpacked the concept of the Three Blessings into deeper, understandable components. Taking a deeper look got participants requesting more time to discuss, as well as more workshops in the future.

“While the seminar ended after 5:00 pm, many stayed until much later, sharing fellowship, improvising supper, and playing music together,” said Gerry.

Though participants look forward to more chances to meet and discuss, they were happy to discover a reference they can explore in the meantime: the new DP Dojo feature of the website. This online Divine Principle curriculum is a great resource for Unificationists to introduce their friends to the Divine Principle, and even to refresh themselves on these principles.