USA: 280 Days of Exercise and Reading


By FFWPU USA: On Sunday, March 20, a group of Unificationists from the Las Vegas Family Church completed the 280th day of doing morning exercises and reading Hoon Dok Hwe (scripture) every morning at 6:00am since June 2015.

“True Mother inspired us to participate in this condition,” said one of the participants, “and it has been a wonderful experience full of many blessings.” Since then, members of the group have testified about the strong community bond they feel having committed to this daily devotion together. “Everyone becomes more healthy through exercise and people share about how the daily message inspired them.”

Visitors from out of state also periodically come to join in the morning exercise and readings. The visitors often comment that they have not read scripture in a large group setting for many years, and shared that being with the local Unificationists in Las Vegas inspired them to do something similar back at home.

Are you ready to kick off your own Hoon Dok Hwe challenge? Do you think you can beat 280 days? To get started, you can find various books and resources with True Parents’ messages at Click the link below to browse the site, then grab some friends to soak in the Word together!