United Kingdom: International Women’s Day 2016

By WFWP UK, March 12, 2016: Our multi-ethnic community is a great source of strength, removing prejudice, and encouraging women to understand and accept the moral responsibility to use their unique abilities as a guiding force behind the morals and standards of conduct in our community” said Mrs Martina Coombs as MC for the day.

There were poems by Eileen Walkin in commemoration of the Day and songs by Norma Thomas.

There was a very interesting talk by Dr. Zohra Zaidi, a graduate Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan with Distinction, Honours and Merit throughout her school and medical studies.

Dr. Zaidi has written a number of papers and published them in the national and international journals. Her deep concern for the poor and needy was seen through her devotion for charity clinics, where she did spend most of her time in treating patients with skin disorders. Dr. Zaidi said: – “Think seriously before getting married, it is a very sacred institution; guided by Divine laws. The very purpose of marriage is to have children; the children should be the first priority, not the profession. The responsibility of a mother is to raise children as God wants. Motherhood is not easy; we have to work hard to make it successful… Marriage is a house of chastity; a house guided by Divine laws, so that the family lives in peace, happiness and tranquility. Compromise from both the partners is required to make this institution sacred and blissful as God wants. Marriage is essential for the continuation of life on the earth, to serve the meaningful plan of God. Marriage must be approached with utmost seriousness, entered with the purest intent, and cultivated religiously. There is no place for violence and abuse in this scared institution. It does not come cheaply and it carries immense reward both in this world and the next.”

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Presentation of Ambassador for Peace Awards to:

Eileen Walking for her voluntary work in the community of Croydon after her retirement. She has helped Croydon Refugee Day Centre and Asylum Seekers, the Cold Weather

Floating Shelter. Care UK and Headway Organisation which helps people with brain damage. The WFWP wonted to honour her for her remarkable voluntary work.

Ella Lutmayer for the voluntary work during her life time from a very young age. Ella has been helping refugees for over 20 years now, sorting out their problems by translating and interpreting in Portuguese, Hindi and Konkani, including in court. Ella has been the Co-ordinator for the Croydon Guyana Link for over 20 years. Her main passions are the environment and the elderly. Currently, she is still working with environmental issues as a member of the Fair Trade committee in Croydon, as a member of The Justice & Peace Group, and has been involved in charity work for developing countries. Ella spends at least a couple of hours a week visiting the elderly, the sick or the underprivileged families in the area where she lives.