UK: The power of believing in someone



By CARP UK: This week’s CARP talk was a touching and sincere testimony given by Atsumi Sato, a CARP member from Japanese CARP. Her talk was entitled; The power of believing in someone. She shared with us a very precious lesson she learnt through her personal life experiences. Her story went like this:

When I was 14 years old I was betrayed by my best friend. This made me decide that I can no longer trust others. For one year I stopped relating with people and trusting them, I cut myself off from my friends and family, I became scared, unhappy and I experienced a lot of anxiety.

My mother was worried about me so she asked her friend’s daughter to take care of me. Little by little, as I came to know this girl, I could begin to open up my heart to her. At first it was difficult, but over time it became easier. She took care of me and always trusted me, and she taught me to have relationships with people again. Because my heart had been broken, it was difficult to trust her at first, but I could see that she loved me so much, and because of the love she showed me and the hope she had in me, I felt free to open up to her and we could build an open and honest relationship. Eventually we could completely come to trust each other. Isn’t that such a beautiful friendship?

I didn’t have hope or happiness before I met her, she brought those into my life. If I didn’t have her, I would still be trapped in my own mind.

From this experience I learnt that just one person can be so powerful; they can change your attitude about your whole life. This one person changed my life, simply by believing in me, by having hope and by loving me.

I realized that the love she was giving to me, is the same love that God gives to all of us; the kind of love that has hope in you, that wishes for your happiness, the love that believes you can and will become a better person.

Please have hope in someone like God, who has hope in you, and you could be the change they are looking for in their life.

After Atsumi’s talk, the audience thought about some situations in their own lives where they had experienced the power of believing in someone. As well as the importance of public speaking, at CARP, we believe in being able to listen to, understand and learn from others, as this can be the best opportunity to develop sincere relationships and learn from and share with each other. So this week, each person had the opportunity to share their personal life experiences in the style of a mini CARP talk to a small group, and 4 finalists were chosen to share to everyone.