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Peace TV March 12, 2016


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– Tribal Messiahship ( Korea: Lee Gyu-hwan and Ho Suk-ja Recruit 430 Families / Niger: Foundation Day Celebration and Blessing Ceremony / Taiwan: Honeymoon Event and Education on the Three-day Ceremony )

– Witnessing ( 2016 Welcoming New Members Festival / Nigeria: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop / USA: Las Vegas 7-day Divine Principle Workshop )

– Educating Future Leaders ( Korean Global Academy Launches 1st Overseas Leadership Program / Japan: 2016 National Youth Staff Training / Dominican Republic: CARP 2-day Divine Principle Seminar / Benin: Children’s Cultural Day )

– Peace and Service (Korea: WFWP Opens Women for Peace Academy on Jeju / USA: WFWP-Arizona Purse Project )

– News Briegs (Mr. Otsuka Inaugurated as New Regional President of the North East / Seonghwa Ceremony for Zin Moon Kim )