STF Europe in Korea

By STF Europe, Deborah Cali: STF arrived in Korea on the 17th of February and left the country on the 25th.

The STF members had the chance to go through a pilgrimage visiting all the most important Holy Grounds in Korea, where our True Parents have offered Their heart and devotion. We received guidance about the Holy Grounds every time we visited them and offered deep and sincere prayers there.

The STF members had also the chance to attend the Foundation Day Anniversary in CheongPyeong, and many of them expressed their gratitude to be able to witness such a big and important event for our movement.

In Yeosu as STF group we went fishing from early morning until lunch time , after having received some guidance about the importance of the Ocean Providence.

During the time we spent in Korea, we visited a traditional village, Junju, and we did activities that helped us to connect with the culture True Parents belong to.

Through this trip the STF members could gain a deeper understanding of True Parent’s culture and heart for the world.