Spain: Welcoming Regional President, Jack Corley



By FFWPU Spain: From Wednesday March 9th to Monday March 14th, we have been blessed in Spain by the visit of our Meeting with a group of Spanish second generation Barcelona community Continental Director Jack Corley with our brother Peter Staudinger from the European Office.

They arrived in Barcelona by car coming from Andorra on Wednesday evening and met with a few families from our community there. It has been a deep message and he could touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters speaking about 4 years of hope thanks to the leadership of our True Mother and also giving a short testimony of his own life.

On Thursday morning they had time to visit places in Barcelona, like the “Sagrada Familia” (Holy Family Church), the hotel where True Parents stayed in 2009 at the time of Peace Cup before travelling from Barcelona to Madrid.

On Friday we visited TONGIL company (Representing of Ginseng Ilhwa) and also went together to our training center near El Escorial.

On Saturday we had our first regional meeting, Iberian meeting, with Sergio Neto National Leader from Portugal plus 4 brothers and sisters, and also Luis Babi and Chatiboot from Andorra, and Maryvonne, plus 8 persons from Spain, all together 18 people for this 1st regional meeting.

After the key note address given by Jack, we had a time to share our activities, our successes and challenges. It has been a very precious time to share as brothers and sisters and probably the beginning of more opportunities to have such meetings or events together as a region.

On Sunday we had a beautiful Sunday service, the title of the sermon given by Jack was “4 years of hope”. Four goals of True Mother that we have also to develop in our life, a life of gratitude, a life of forgiveness, a life of love, and a life of unity. He also shared about his own life growing in a family of 10 children, in a very small village in Ireland, and all the work he has done visiting 75 nations and working in 12 nations until now, since he met True Parents. His very personal experiences with True Parents moved many of us with tears.

In the afternoon Jack met a group of second generation, and responded very openly and very deeply to their questions.

“Realizing the dream of one global family. One family under God”. This meeting and this visit has a lot to do with this goal. Becoming one global family, sharing as a family and of course realizing once more that this is only possible thanks to our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents. Everything we have, everything we experience is because of them.

We are very grateful for all the guidance we received from Jack and also grateful to Peter a great support for Jack and for our whole movement in Europe.

Thank you Heavenly Parent and Thank you True Parents!