Seminar on Preparation to Start Blessed Family Life

2 - Fotos grupo

By FFWPU Brazil: We held an education program on March 26-27, 2016, which is very important to help properly and guide the newly blessed couples after their 40-day separation period.

Lectures which were based more on True Parents´ words uplifted, encouraged, inspired and had given much strength to our 8 the couples and 1 blessed sister whose spouse is currently in Paraguay.

The outcome of the seminar was very good. The participants were so attentive and participated in all lectures and group activities. Each one had time to express themselves during the group activities and their sharing were very inspiring and moving.

7 - Os participantes


  • “I really enjoyed the seminar. I learned many things. I learned how to be able to deal with difficult situations with my husband. I learned that we should listen more and have more patience with one another, swallow and handle the day to day situations. I really enjoyed, it was a unique experience. It was a seminar to learn to deal with our spouse, thank you all for this learning opportunity, the patience of explaining the contents of the lectures and dedication of the organizers of the seminar …”
  • “The seminar was very good to be able to develop the physical and spiritual knowledge through the activities that were carried out such as the group dynamics where there were interaction between couples. The lectures were taught on how to interact with our spouse demonstrating the love that we feel through the person who is at our side, the love that the True Parents have given so we could develop more our love everyday and being able to perfect and grow internally. “
  • “First I thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The two-day seminar for me was very good. I was able to really understand and clarify many questions I had before. And each lecture, had always points that completed and clarified my doubts. All the seminar contents for me was new, it´s my first time to understand each item of the Family Pledge. All the lectures were excellent and everything was made clear. I want to thank everyone who had prepared and had given all these contents to us. Thanks to all BFD team. “

5 - Pr. Valcir

The seminar program started with the Opening Remarks of Sra. Dolor, then followed by the lecture on Family Pledge by Sr. Alecio. The Tradition of Blessed Family by Pr. Valcir, then the lectures on The Identity of a Blessed Family and the Power of the Heart by Sra. Dolor.

In the afternoon of Saturday, there were two group activities where couples could have time to express themselves and interact with one another. Sra. Flor had given the lecture on the Importance of a Blessed Family to register at the BFD. In the evening, Sra. Rosa gave a wonderful testimony about her blessed life.

In the morning of Sunday at 6:00 am, Pr. Valcir gave the lecture on The Relationship of Couple, then everyone participated the Sunday Service at 9:00 am. After the Sunday Service, we resumed our activities then after lunch the lecture of Pr. Valcir about Conjugal Love. Sra. Onnan had given her testimony, the members were so attentive and enjoyed her experiences.

The last lectures were about the Significance of the 3-day Ceremony and the detailed Orientation of the first, second and third day of the ceremony by Sra. Flor and Sra. Genilda respectively. The participants went home more alive and inspired!

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