Rwanda: True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing 2016



By FFWPU Rwanda: We had 18 singles (9boys and 9girls) successfully matched and participated at the True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing 2016 together with 52 couples Pre-married couples, total of 70 couples. Only two blessing candidates (2nd Gen. Top gun) managed to go to Korea to be at the main event their.

For the event in Rwanda, we held satellite blessing in Kigali on February 20, 2016. This was attended by 16 Singles, blessing candidates and 6 couples previously married. On March 6th 2016 we held a Blessing ceremony in Kayonza District for 13 couples previously married couples which included 3 pastors.

It is our desire and determination to continuously educate and give blessing to previously married couples every month until we accomplish the goal for vision 2020 in Rwanda. Our realistic goal this time is, to hold pre-married blessing for 50 couples every Month in this year. So overall goal for this year will be 1,200 couples.

20160306_134433 Kayonza Blessing Kayonza BlessingPoto