Romania: International cultural Event

By CARP Romania: On the 12th of February 2016, our Romania CARP brothers and sisters, together with the UPA students and STF second and third generation organized an inter-cultural event entitled “We are one family under God!”. Our location was in the center of the city behind the most important museum of Bucharest and it was offered as a donation from the owner of the cafe: Clubul Taranului Roman (Str. Monetariei, nr.3). Our primary intention was to make a gateway for the people to discover and experience True Parents Ideal – One family under God and to bring the people together through a topic of great importance for our lives as we are preparing for the future. Deeper than that we wanted to talk about the way we expand the four great realms of heart, that represent the core of the family, to the relationships that we build in society, growing towards the national and worldwide levels. As we go forward in this mission that we have chosen and assumed we more and more strive to inherit True Father’s Will which can bring harmony and unity between different types of cultures and religious people under the same Parents, Heavenly Parents.

The central concept referred to the “Family”. It doesn’t matter what kind of culture or religion you belong to, all of us want to have a beautiful ideal family. Now in the world there are big issues relating to family (e.g. marriage between the same gender, no respect towards parents…) so here we could share about family traditions, education from different kinds of countries, religious backgrounds and we learned from each other.

The program included: (1) a few opening words from our MC – Predescu Andrei and Miki as they are our country’s representative couple (5min); (2) the welcoming speech from the President of the Romanian movement, Mr. Jeong Bong Moon.(10min); (3) then the cultural event started with the first country Ukraine, the second one was Japan and afterwards we invited on the stage a very talented young man who played the violin. The cultural presentations continued with words from Austria and Korea and before Romania came to the stage we had another heartistic moment full of song from a beautiful sister, one of our newest guests that paired up with one of our Third gen. Their song full of spirit and love, entitled “Dear Daughter” touched everybody’s hearts.

One of the most memorable moments was South Korea’s presentation that took the people on a journey to the divided country in the East. The long tradition of peace and acceptance that testifies to Korea as being one of the friendliest countries in the world makes it so similar to Romania. The attendance were surprised to hear about the strict and sorrowful separation between so many brothers and sisters, parents and children as the border between north and south cut into the Korean blood lineage leaving a heavy scar! The people with white robes, as the Koreans are called, have gone through many difficulties during their long history but have always kept their hands clean, heads high and hearts pure. They are an example that reminded us about what a true nation should be like.

The last country was Romania and it was indeed long-awaited for. Our history has created a national family feeling. At times of war and persecution the Romanian peasant became brother with the woods and found comfort and safety in its bosom. Later on, the Christian traditions and customs lead the spirit of the people and brought unity among our three main regions. Easter is the most cherished Romanian holiday and it’s one of the very few opportunities that keep together the grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts. With this occasion we prepare traditional food that gets shared even outside of the borders of people’s homes. After this presentation a few Romanian brothers and sisters prepared a traditional dance named Hora and surprised the attendants through their positive spirit and warm smiles.

Our second generation brothers and sisters and Romania CARP members that presented on the stage put also their sincere effort through giving a hand-made prize to some people that were chosen by lottery. Even if these presents were just home baked cookies or colorful origami we could really feel people’s joy and appreciation and this inspired them and us both. Love starts from simple things and they have a long-lasting impact on a person’s life. Many times we forget to be natural, we are bored of just being normal but this is just the threat of the secular world. What we hope for is to bring a new attitude and determination for our younger brothers and sisters together with a feeling of unity and community that springs from the original mind and is substantiated through actions of true love.

The event ended with a group photo and also singing a song together while holding hands.

We are very grateful to our Heavenly Parents and True Parents for having had the chance to organize this event. Through this moment we could feel that only love is the answer for any type of separation. We need to gaze to heaven, we must be the ones to correct everything, to bring the blessings to our country and to its people. We have to become men and women, fathers and mothers who can leave a legacy of hope for tomorrow, even if the storms and floods of life rage against us. This higher responsibility will help us grow so much!

Thank you once again beloved Heavenly Parents and True Parents, brothers and sisters, good ancestors and participants.