Canada: Prof. Yeon Ah Moon’s Visit

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By FFWPU Canada: Yeon Ah Nim visited Canada from March 11 to 13, 2016 and shared True Mother’s love and grace with many members.

Her first stop was Vancouver where she spoke at the Westin Wall Center Hotel on the evening of Friday, March 11. Some members from Seattle also came to listen to Yeon Ah Nim’s speech. She quoted from Father’s three speeches and emphasized leading a life with an attitude centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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She asked everyone to overcome their self-centered perspective and understanding and place Heavenly Parent in the subject position in order to view things from His perspective; His dream, circumstance, and Shimjung (Heart).

Yeon Ah Nim conveyed True Mother’s heart and shared how Mother is working so hard to prepare the environment for us and future generations saying, ‘Please don’t view True Mother as a CEO, but rather as our mom.’ True Father was eager to build and live in God’s nation (Cheon Il Guk) and True Mother is similarly following Father’s dream and desire to establish Cheon Il Guk.

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At a meeting with 2nd generation on the Saturday morning, Yeon Ah Nim gave guidance on how to be successful in our real life centering on True Parents.

After a 5-hour flight through 4 times zones, she arrived in Toronto late in the evening of March 12 and on Sunday, March 13, Yeon Ah Nim spoke at the Toronto Family Church Sunday Service beginning at 10:30 am. About 45 members from Montreal and Ottawa who drove to Toronto the previous day and stayed in the homes of Toronto members, joined the service. The Chapel was full and the overflow watched Yeon Ah Nim’s speech through a live feed in the dining hall. Yeon Ah Nim delivered True Mother’s heart and love so deeply and moved members’ heart.

After the service Yeon Ah Nim held a special meeting with WFWP core members and also convened a meeting with Japanese blessed wives. All sisters had a deep heart to heart experience with Yeon Ah Nim. The meetings concluded in the early evening.

Yeon Ah Nim also brought gifts directly from True Mother for the Canadian members and everyone was grateful as a full weekend came to a conclusion.

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Steve Picarsky: “My experience with meeting with Yeon Ah Nim was very deep and profound. I was honored and privileged to be the MC for this event. I set conditions to be able to be effective in that capacity, and to receive all that Heavenly Parent wanted to give me from hearing her message. More than the words she spoke, which were so clear and insightful, I could really feel the Holy Spirit emanating from her. I feel, in the short time that she spent with us, that she really changed the spiritual atmosphere in the most heavenly way. In effect, she really transmitted Heavenly Mother, and True Mother’s warm and embracing heart and concern for all of us, and for the world. I want to express my deep gratitude to Yeon Ah Nim for this visit, and I determine to send her prayers of support as she continues her most valuable ministry; to bring True Mother’s heart and spirit to all members that she meets.”

Gino Masciotra: “I felt deeply blessed to be present at Yeon Ah nim’s presentation in Toronto. I was moved by her humility, strength and deep loyalty to True Mother. But two main points stand out in my mind. Firstly, I was reminded of what I felt from since I joined the church. It is difficult to put into words. It is that through our True Parents` love we can experience God`s deep love and anguish to restore this world. Also, I was reminded of how fortunate we are that True Mother is on the earth to organize the future of our movement and make True Father`s words more readily available to guide humankind for eternity.”

Isabelle Laurin: “I am very grateful for Yeon Ah Moon’s visit to Canada.I have always felt close to Mother and I pray for her and very much for the unity of all her children with our Parents, Yeon Ah Nim added a deeper feeling of closeness with Mother. Her heart is so sincere, so real. Her words are sincere, authentic, heart-felt. Up to now, the 2020 goal was for me an intellectual goal that I didn’t see how it could ever be reached. After Yeon Ah Nim’s talk I decided myself to seriously work toward that goal together with Mother and my family. Her talk touched me more deeply than all those masculine strong talks we usually hear during public events.”

Pierre Beauregard: “Yeon Ah Nim talked to us for about 2 hours in Toronto. She was concerned about having spoken too long. However in my experience she spoke the perfect amount of time. When Christina, the translator, became emotional toward the end of Yeon Ah Nim’s talk, she spoke of how we should understand that True Mother is really our Mom and how she is concerned about each one of us. It was at that moment that I could connect in my heart and feel deeply that True Mother is my Mom. Until that point I was appreciating very much Yeon Ah Nim’s heart and the content she was sharing, but toward the end of her talk I received on a deeper level in my heart the experience of being loved personally by True Mother. This experience is very personal, but at the same time universal. What I mean is that True Mother is the mother of all of humanity, but at the same time in a very deep personal way, she is the mother of each and every one.”

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And as she continued explaining that although True Father said he would be a miserable man if he could not live at least one single day in that ideal nation, Yeon Ah Nim said she felt that still True Father left feeling happy and confident of having established the victorious foundation and that we would be able to experience in his place to live in that ideal nation. So I experienced internally a feeling of True Father’s presence asking me in a very personal way to partake in bringing about that ideal nation and walk into that ideal nation as his representative. So because Yeon Ah Nim went on for so long, I could reach this deep experience with True Mother in my heart and afterwards with True Father. So that is why I said to Dr. Moonshik Kim that I felt she spoke just the right amount of time.”

Hiromi Winters: “This was my first time meeting Yeon ah Nim. I really appreciate this opportunity. Her message on Sunday was honest. Hearing her testimony of her daily experience with True Mother, I could really understand what she meant when she spoke about True Mother’s heart and love. It felt very real. After the service I was able to meet with Yeon Ah Nim and the Japanese sisters. We could all feel her deep loving heart. I was able to spend time with Yeon Ah Nim very closely and during that time with her, I couldn’t help but shed tears. I cried tears of repentance and gratitude. I felt Yeon Ah Nim is really a suitable representative of True family. I think that We as women should be like Yeon Ah Nim.”

Yukie Mchale: この度、ヨナニムが私たちのこんな小さなバンクーバー教会に、大きな大会の為でもなく、リーダーのミーティングの為でもなく,私たちメンバーの為に来てくださって、本当に 心から感謝しております。まさかこんな事が有るとは,夢にも思いませんでした。そして、ヨナニムが語ってくださった内容は,本当に誠実で,謙遜で、愛情深くて、私の心に深く

染み渡りました。特に,ヨナニム自身がヒョウジニムに先立たれて,つらい心情を乗りこ. えられ,御父母様の心情をいつも思いながらお支えしようとされる心と姿勢,そして、御父母様の心情圏をもっと深く理解しようとされる努力と清さに,深く感動し,涙しました。

ヨナニムは,充分にお父様とお母様の愛を私たちの為に伝えて下さったと思います。また、ヨナニムが言われていたように、私も、自分の思いに固執せず真の神様の理想と状況と. 心情を考えながら、御父母様のビィジョンに心を合わせて,歩んで行きたいと思います。心からヨナニムをバンクーバーに送ってくださったお母様に感謝申し上げます。

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