Peru: International Women’s Day 2016

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By WFWP Peru: It was the 5th consecutive year that we celebrated the Day of Women in Peru. Dr Trevor Jones opened the meeting by reminding the guests that 2016 is the 5th year that we have celebrated this day in Peru. In past years we have held the meetings in the Peruvian Congress but the imminent elections had prevented us from doing so this year.

In spite of the high temperatures that Peru is experiencing the room was full to overflowing with more than 100 guests and signatories.

The program stared with speeches, continued with the appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace and concluded with musical presentations by a choir and a renowned Peruvian soloist who had performed in Spain for many years.

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Main points from the speakers

  • Mrs Pilar spoke about her meeting in Trujillo held in coordination with the local Mayor and other dignatories.
  • Mrs Isabel spoke stongly about the need for more progress in the recognition of rights for women, saying that in some ways she had seen little progress in the last 20 years.
  • Dr. Aimee shared about the vision of Dr Ban Ki-moon for this day and encouraged all to be more proactive.
  • Mrs Faith spoke about the need for us to act from our hearts, not just to think of practical steps but to reach out to the women and children in need with true love.

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