International President at the Memorial Service for True Children who have Ascended

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Memorial Service for True Children who have Ascended

Memorial Address

By Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

March 18, 2016 – Han-nam dong Residence

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Dearest brothers and sisters, I offer my eternal gratitude to you all for joining us this evening to honor the lives of our true family members.

I also humbly thank you for all of your sincere hard work, love, faith, and dedication; you are truly the filial sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent, True Parents, True Family, True Father, and FFWPU.

Kamshamnida, salanghamnida!

Since I was asked to speak on this solemn occasion, I have spent a lot of time in prayer and reflection. I’ve thought especially about the past 3 years following True Father’s Ascension.

In many ways, during True Father’s lifetime, I did not fully understand the meaning and significance of True Parents. For that reason, there is deep sorrow in my heart, knowing I could not adequately serve them with sincere wisdom, love and faith.

And also, as I reflected on the lives of the members of my family who have ascended, I could not find the proper words to do justice to their lives or to appropriately honor their memory.

Every time I thought of them I would just burst into tears, remembering how innocent, pure, loving, brave, and true they were, and how they suffered so much in their short lives.

As I worked through these thoughts and feelings, I also took time to read True Parents words during Hoon Dok Hwe. I received so much inspiration by reading passages about true family.

Following True Father’s Seonghwa, I was given the daunting task of representing our True Mother on many occasions, speaking on her behalf and doing my best to further True Mother’s glorious vision 2020 for the sake of fulfilling Cheon Il Guk.

Throughout this time, I have always found my compass and anchor in True Parents holy texts and speeches. Each day as I do Hoon Dok Hwe I wholeheartedly connect to the words that immortalize True Parents life. As I read their words, the path I should take in life is illuminated and each step forward become clearer than the next.

When searching for words that describe true family and the significance of what it means to be true filial sons and daughters, I am moved most of all by True Parents words.

Last year I shared some testimony about the lonely path for True Family as we each grew up, trying to find our way out of suffering. Until this day we are all still searching and growing.

When I read True Father’s words on our lives, the entire struggle began to make sense; and I came to see that the way we move beyond our struggle is to fulfill our mission. Our lives are not ours alone; we must live to liberate and restore all life to become one family under Heavenly Parent.

I would like to share and begin with a Hoon Dok Hwe reading from Cheon Seong Gyeong:

If the True Parents do not appear, neither can true children. As long as no true person existed on earth, the True Parents could not appear. So the unification church is saying, let us acknowledge that we need True Parents, and let us find and attend them. We are saying we should be son and daughters of True Parents. When we become their Sons and Daughters, we can inherit what they have. The True Parents right of inheritance includes heaven and earth, and even God. We too should inherit even God. If there were no owners of heaven and earth, heaven and earth would have no value. We have to be people who can fully uplift the value of heaven and earth and ascribe value to them for eternity. We also need to meet the One who can officially recognize that. That being is God. Thus we should gain True Parents right of inheritance. –Cheon Seong Gyeong, 229, 11

This is just one brief passage from True Father. And yet you may have to read it 1,000 times to understand the depth of what True Father is speaking about.

In a nutshell this passage teaches us that our lives have no value if we do not value our True Parents. Gods value only came to light because True Parents uplifted, served and became absolutely one with Heavenly Parent.

Therefore only when we become True Parents true filial sons and daughters and live in sincere attendance, with absolute love, faith and obedience, can we fully inherit all that True Parents, and Heavenly Parent want to share with us.

Let me read one more passage from Cheon Seong Gyeong:

You need to inherit the realm of True Parents victory. As individuals you should have nothing to be ashamed of in front of Heaven, earth, and True Parents. Therefore you should live with absolute love, absolute obedience and absolute faith. You should lead a life of devotion and sacrifice for True Parents, based on the total oneness of heart that makes you willing to offer everything you have. With that heart, you should strive to give more love to them and to others than you receive from them. Only when you can live this way can True Parents be liberated. God’s realm of liberation can only emerge when society becomes a place where people love one another more than the True Parents love human kind. You need to become sons and daughters of True Parents whom they can praise, their beloved sons and daughters in whom they can rejoice. Then the joyful realm of liberation can emerge. You should not forget that you stand to uphold the original mainstream of tradition, in which you must fulfill your duties as patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of heart. –Cheon Seong Gyeong 231,16

When I think of each one of the ascended TC I know that each one is such a child.

Consider our eldest brother born, Hyo Jin Nim. He was born Lunar: 1962.12.3 Solar: 1962.12.29 and ascended Solar: 2008.3.17. He was such a passionate leader, a loving husband and father, and a true filial son.

Hyo Jin oppa had to suffer the greatest of obstacles as the first son of True Parents, and yet he was victorious in absolute love, faith and obedience to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, True Family, and FFWPU.

Until the very end he was a true filial son to True Parents, and to the whole movement he poured out his love, generosity and his full devotion of heart and soul to each and every person he met in life.

To gain insight into the sincerity of his heart, despite the many trials and tribulations faced, one just has to listen or read the lyrics of his songs.

By reading or listening to those heartfelt words you will feel and understand his longing for love and his longing to give love to everyone.

You will understand how much he had to overcome, as he grappled with his position with a heart as pure as gold. And you can come to know the victory of his life as he remained completely loyal and true to True Parents until the end.

That is why True Parents bestowed upon him the title, “The Lord who will open a gate into the Heavenly Kingdom, as a son of loyalty and filial piety in the garden that opens the way to the deep, wide and high realms of heaven.”

Thank you dear elder brother Hyo Jin nim!!!

Let us consider Heung Jin nim.

Heung jin oppa was born Lunar: 1966.10.23

Solar: 1966.12.4 and ascended Solar: 1984.1.2, He was the embodiment of Abel.

He lived to love, care, serve, give and protect all others. He lived for the sake of others. There was not a more tender, loving, altruistic, humble person than Heung Jin oppa.

Anyone who ever knew him would attest to his sacrificial character. To all his friends, family, Blessed members, and even in relation to animals and the natural world, he was truly a “peace loving global brother.”

And even his last action on earth was to protect his friends, and to protect True Parents providentially. He gave his life with such sincerity. One of the earliest true family members to ascend, he has worked miracles in heaven and on earth; for that reason, True Parents gave him the title of “Commander in chief” in heaven.

Thank you beloved Heung Jin nim!!!

Let us consider Hye Jin onni. She was born Lunar: 1964.6.19

Solar: 1964.7.27 and ascended Solar: 1964.8.4.

She was blessed on 2000.2.13.

Hye Jin onni was only a child when she passed, having lived less than a month. Her pure life and sudden departure from earth must have devastated our True Mother who carried her, awaiting her birth for 9 months.

Thank you sister Hye Jin onni!!!

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Let us consider Hee Jin oppa.

Hee jin oppa was born Lunar: 1955.6.30

Solar: 1955.8.17 and ascended Solar: 1969.8.1

He was blessed on 1998.6.13

Thank you Hee Jin oppa.

Let us consider Young Jin.

Young Jin was born

Lunar: 1978.5.17

Solar: 1978.6.22 and ascended Solar: 1999.10.27

Young Jin was the purest and most honorable, loving brother. He strove for absolute purity in himself and in all things, and he conducted himself with absolute discipline and dignity.

He lived his life devoutly, studying and even lecturing Divine Principle to his siblings. He didn’t just talk the talk, he tried to observe all the standards of absolute purity.

He applied this even in the way he took care of his room. I remember that his room, more than anyone else, was the cleanest, most well-organized room in our whole family.

His studies were also meticulously and perfectly achieved. If you looked at his notebook, the writing was tiny. You almost needed a magnifying glass to read his writing.

When I asked him why he wrote so small, he said so he would not waste paper. He said also that in studying it was helpful to see the lesson in its entirety on one page, rather than on many separate pages.

He did everything with such a high consciousness, aiming always for perfection. He also loved, respected and honored all his elders and educated, and helped to mold his younger siblings in principle teachings.

He saved his purity with highest hopes for eternal love in the Blessing. He was the sweetest and most giving husband any man could be. He was especially unique as a member of my family. He would buy gifts, make breakfast, clean and serve his spouse and did all he could to give true love to his spouse and family.

When I think of how perfectly loving and perfectly principled he was as an individual, I can understand his devastation in learning that others did not live such principled lives. In many ways I see him as too good and pure for such an imperfect and fallen world.

When I think of him, I see him as God’s glorious son who sadly had the most inglorious experience of indescribable heartbreak. I know that his deepest desire is for each one of us live each day by honoring each other, preserving our purity, loving unconditionally.

Young Jin nim reminds us that this fallen world is not a perfect place and we all need the grace and truth of True Parents to restore and forgive what could not be done perfectly.

I know our couple owes Young Jin our life. Though his suffering, we learned and took responsibility for what was not right in our own lives, and we vowed to create a world in which he would be proud and happy to live.

Every day we carry the dreams and aspirations of our ascended true family members with us in our hearts. I hope that as each of us learns to value each other in life and in death, we can restore past wrongdoings or imperfect environments and learn to collectively create a more loving and healthy environment for all future generations to come, saving the whole human family and the entire creation, bringing the entire universe back to our Heavenly Parent.

Here is one more quote I’d like to share with you before I close. It comes from Chambumo Gyeong:

Now in the age of the settlement of the children’s families has to come. First in the age of settlement of the children’s families is the age of the mother’s responsibility. The mother has to take responsibility as the messiah. Second, it is the age of the children’s responsibility, the age when Cain and Abel have to unite. C and A as brothers have to unite completely. There have been many sacrifices I history resulting from the separation of C and A, but from now on children must not fight each other anymore. In any village to which we care to go, there are C and A. The person who sacrifices him or herself, and make compromises for the sake of the whole village, becomes the Abel and the owner. Because we already know this, we cannot fight. The age of the children’s responsibility is the age when C and A unite. Third, the mother, Cain and Abel have to unite. The age of the mother’s and children’s responsibility has to settle in the family and after uniting with each other, the mother and children have to restore the husband, the father. Restoration of the father will be impossible if the mother and children are not united. The mother is responsible to see that she and the children, both Cain and Abel are absolutely united. This is still not the end because finally we will enter the age to unite with the True Parents family. At that point we reach the age when blessing can expand to the entire world. –Chambumo Gyeong, 383,9

True Mother is our absolute center on earth, saving and enlightening us all, and carrying us forward to fulfill vision 2020 and Cheon Il Guk.

As blessed central families and True filial sons and daughters of True Parents, let us absolutely unite with our True Mother.

We also know that C and A, represented by our elder ascended brothers, are united in heaven; on this foundation the gates of heaven can be opened and peace on earth established. All human beings can become one unified family.

My hope is that every true family member and blessed central family in the world can also united together as one, engrafted together, forming a model of unity, such that there is no more fighting and only True love and peace. Only then can True Father’s heart in heaven be completely liberated, knowing we all are one peace loving global family under our Heavenly Parent.

I hope we all can honor and remember True Father and each ascended member of the True Family by pledging to create a more unified, peaceful, loving world where suffering and indemnity are no longer necessary.

Let us all strive to fulfill the ideal of Cheon Il Guk, a world where the eternal joy, love, and harmony intended at the time of creation fills our hearts and minds and all our relationships.

I have absolute faith and know this dream of Cheon Il Guk can be realized, if we all connect to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, our faithful True Family, and become one completely united FFWPU around the globe, reaching the age when blessing can expand to the entire world.”


Kamsahamnida, Salanghamnida, Namaste!