Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival Continue to Expand in Surin, Thailand

By FFWPU Thailand, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn: FFWPU Thailand continues the momentum of Tribal Messiah movement for the restoration of CIG at Rattanaburi sub-district, Rattanaburi district, Surin province on January 27, 2016 with 311 couples participated.  This is 3rd time of Blessing at Rattanaburi district, after we held blessing at November 2015 and the government and community leaders were so is inspired and happy.  Then, they request to FFWPU to cooperate with each sub-district administration office to hold blessing in all 10 sub-districts.

This Tribal Messiah Blessing organized and led by Mr.Boontawee and Mrs.Watcharin Kaewlamsak family with support from many blessed families in Thailand, Japan and Korea.  First session, it started by Divine Principle lecture in topic “Family is School of Love and Peace” by Mr.Warakorn Sam-ang.  Opening remark was given by Gen.Terdsak Maromme, Chairman of UPF Thailand.

Mr.Chatchai Srisuwan, Vice Governor came as representative of Surin Governors to give opening remark.  He arrived since early morning, listen to all Divine Principle lecture, process how participants register, education and process to become model blessed family ceremony.  He expressed that he felt so impressed and inspired by FFWPU and UPF vision and teaching so much.  He determines to support FFWPU projects to expand to every sub-district and district of Surin of 1.4 million population.  He expressed that he never knew that there was such a great project like this before.   He was so happy that would like to be invited by FFWPU to be speaker to support FFWPU work in everywhere that we hold project in Surin

After opening ceremony, it followed by Holy Wine ceremony.  Then, it was interreligious benediction prayer by Buddhist monk, Christian minister and local Brahman Spiritual leader

Ven. Phrasophonpariyattiyaporn, Chief of Abbot of Surin expressed in his invocation prayer again that he wants to encourage all Buddhists to follow FFWPU teaching and education, especially 40 days separation.  He urged that anyone who completed all process to become model blessed families of FFWPU, he will give his Holy Buddhist Stamp in the certification of model blessed families.

Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul served as officiator represent True Parents.  All participants were moved and felt the holiness when they receive benediction prayer by TF from Blessing at Cheongshim Peace World Center in March 2012.

Mrs.Panida Duangjinda, VP of WFWP Thailand gave congratulatory remark.  All Blessing participants were so move and touched and determine to follow the teaching of TP and become model blessed families.

Watcharin and Boontawee continued to invested in Surin to make this province to become Ideal CIG province of Thailand.