France: Women in Society

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By WFWP France

On March 19, the WFWP France held an event to celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 at the Espace Culture et Paix in Paris.

Entitled “Women in Society” – in what way are feminine qualities essential in the development of a peaceful and positive society? 20 guests attended, several of whom are also active in other associations. The small venue was soon packed and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

Another aim of the event was to encourage young women to participate in the area of women’s rights, and to provide a platform for them to speak in public. We were very impressed at the quality and relevance of the content given by the three guest speakers featured on the program.

Mrs. Sarah DESPLEBIN, founder of the recruitment site, with the holistic approach of promoting competence, experience and life skills as real employment assets and not only qualifications and diplomas. This is particularly relevant for women who are often penalized by gaps in their CV, due to time out for child raising and caring and the challenges of balancing professional and family commitments.

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Sophie THIEBAULT, second year law student, who spoke of her personal experience that gave her confidence to set her sights high concerning how she would make a contribution to society, and of her choice of entering the Police force in order to combat the traffic of human beings, in particular women.

The presentations were very complimentary. They all emphasized the importance of family values and an environment of love, as key factors for girls and young women to have confidence in their talents and to see no barriers when it comes to their professional choices. All three stressed the importance of the co- operation between men and women to reach parity and equal rights, which was confirmed by the number of men present at the event.

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The Q & A session that followed was very lively and went over time!

Several people wanted to be reassured that the content would be available to the public. Another very positive result was the networking that was done during the coffee break that will certainly result in future collaboration Paris. at the Espace Culture et Paix in professional and family commitments. in other ongoing projects dedicated to defending the dignity and rights of women and girls everywhere.