European Regional Leaders Meeting in Camberg

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By FFWPU Europe: From 18th to 20th March 2016, European regional leaders, Headquarters staff and special emissaries gathered at our European Headquarters in Camberg. The purpose of the meeting was to share our experiences from Foundation Day events in Korea and to look toward plans for 2016 and the four years until 2020.

During the morning Hoon Dok Hwe on Saturday led by David Hanna, a video about Foundation Day was shown. Welcoming remarks were offered by Special Emissary Dr. No Hi Pak.

After breakfast, in Session I opening remarks were given by Jack Corley, European continental director, and reports and reflections were shared about the Foundation Day events in Korea.

European Vice Presidents Jacques Marion (UPF regional secretary general), Carolyn Handschin (WFWP regional president and international vice president), and David Hanna (regional director for blessed family education and youth) reported on the various aspects of events related to their areas in Korea.

Mrs. Ana Schmidt reported on the beautiful Blessing ceremony which took place in Camberg, jointly organized by the German FFWPU and ESGD. An inspiring and upbeat look at the Blessing in Korea, which was broadcast on German television, was also shown.

Session II, under the title “Empowering FFWPU Europe,” triggered an intense discussion on how it should be represented to the public. During this session the issue of tribal messiahship and the Blessing also was discussed.

Sessions III and IV continued under the title “Strategies for Vision 2020.” Jack Corley reminded everyone of the original goals established by our European Movement right after the first Foundation Day in 2013. He was followed by Jacques Marion presenting some of the goals laid out at the meeting in Korea. European Secretary Peter Staudinger then updated everyone on the Vision 2020 Fund. German Second Generation Hyoman Noguchi spoke about CARP and HARP development.

On the following day (Sunday), in Sessions V and VI, chaired by U.K. National Leader Matthew Huish, plans were discussed for the upcoming CIG Leaders Assembly in Prague. To conclude the meeting, Special Emissary Dr. Lan Young Moon gave a short testimony about her experiences with True Father relating to the role of Women’s Federation.

Closing remarks were given by Jack Corley, in which he spoke of the importance of creating a spirit of teamwork in our European Movement in order to be successful.

After a tasty lunch prepared by local German members, the participants departed for their countries.

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