USA: East Coast Young Adult Ministries Collaborate

By FFWPU USA: On Wednesday March 16, a crowd of close to 60 young adult Unificationists gathered for the bi-monthly Young Unificationists Ministry (YUM) service. The service featured a personal testimony from Sunmarie Burns and a special music performance by Prideswell, a visiting Unificationist band from Bridgeport, Connecticut. The gathering was especially large since many colleges had spring break that week.

Sunmarie’s testimony highlighted her vision for creating an intentional life, a plan to fulfill her personal and family dreams. As an avid contributor to the Clifton community, and a wife, mother and teacher, Sunmarie captivated the audience with stories about the adventures, challenges and choices that made her the person she is today.

The performance by Prideswell, a rock-soul-reggae group comprised of seven members, was also a special occasion for the YUM community. They covered traditional Unificationist hymns as well as 1970s pop tunes, creating a groove and feel of joy and celebration. The YUM community was especially grateful to Prideswell for making the trip all the way from Bridgeport. The ability to come together and connect so readily in spite of the distances and the differences that separate their communities is a hallmark of True Parents’ vision to create one united, global family centered on God.