Taiwan: Case Study for 3-day Honeymoon (三天蜜月期)

FFWPU Taiwan: We organized one day honeymoon blessing tour in three time-frames (2/16, 2/17, 2/23) , to invite couples who had already finished 40 days separation period which we called a couple of Kiyonaga (清修) to participate in!

We rent a tour bus and start to make ice-breaking, introduction and sharing. Then they had a sightseeing in nature and visited cake factory in order to arrange for the opportunity to promote marital intimacy. After all couples opened their heart and got more intimate with each other, we went to Spring Resort and gave a 1-hour lecture of three-day ceremony including the concept of DP and introduction of True Parents’ course.

Through the lecturer gave a humorous explanation, all couples were said to do three-day ceremony, then we created the atmosphere of the wedding during meal times, as if we were holding the wedding, and finally each couple entered each room and do the first day ceremony of three-day ceremony.

We are so surprised that they all so joyful after they finished the ceremony and constantly thank FFWPU for all things prepared for them. It’s really a meaningful activity. They also said they would continue to complete the second and third day ceremony at home.

Totally 29 couples attend such event in three time-frames, and 26 couples had finish 3-day ceremony at present. We will continue to held the honeymoon blessing tour for those couples who had finished 40 days separation period. We hope that these married couples can naturally respect True Parents, and joyfully finish three-day ceremony. We also continue to develop the education system to make them become membership, true blessed families. We are so thankful under the guidance of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, we can go forward and breakthrough with conviction and wisdom. We make determination to make more people know and follow True Parents through the program of Heavenly Tribal Messiah.