Brazil: Graduation of CARP Brazil College Students


By FFWPU / CARP Brazil: On March 20th 2016, the FFWPU of Brazil and CARP Brazil carried successfully, the Graduation Ceremony of the 4th Group of CARP Brazil Full Time and the beginning of the 4th Group of CARP Brazil College Students. The Special Envoy of Cheon Il Guk of Brazil and Continental Leader of Latin America, Rev. Dong Mo Shin and the Special Emissary for Youth and University Students, Rev Kwun In Soung participated.

After two years of dedication, with a result of various activities such as: fundraising, witnessing, social service, training seminars etc. The young people were able to acquire personal experiences with God, acquiring their own faith and conviction of the Heavenly parents, True Parents and the Divine Providence of restoration, now it is no longer a faith inherited from their parents, but their own faith.

With the motto “Let’s read the Divine Principle line by line, word by word” the Divine Principle was at the center of education of these young people to achieve a clear understanding of the truth and a great determination to the witnessing. During the graduation ceremony certificates were given to those young people read the Divine Principle by 40 times and 21 times. Also young people seeking spiritual children received certificates.

This graduation is an event that reflects the focus given by True Mother that emphasizes the witnessing, the creation of an environment conducive to the witnessing, and especially a strong investment on internal and external education for the young people to train the future leaders of our church.

These 33 young people from 19 to 23 years old will start university to keep the establishment of the tradition to “absolutely serve True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind” in Their Lives. After the ceremony there was a banquet with leaders, the graduates and their guests. All the people present, relatives and guests felt a lot of hope and could see the positive internal result of education system of CARP Brazil.

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