Brazil: Celebration of International Women’s Day


by WFWP Brazil: we held several social activities to celebrate International Woman´s Day:

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On March 8th, 2016, we had a blood donation event with participation of 16 volunteers.

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On March 12th, we had voluntary activity of chocolates collection for donation to needy institutions in celebration of Easter. We managed to collect 734 units of chocolates.

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On 17th of March we had the event to donate these chocolates to two orphanages, to Sunday school student and to youth at the CARP-Brazil.

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On 14th and 15th of March, WFWP visited the Ecuadorian consulate in Brazil. The goal was to provide social assistance to the immigrants welcoming center along with the consul of the Ecuador, Mr. Luis Wladimir Vargas Anda.

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On March 25th, WFWP conducted activity planting tree seedlings together with our soccer team “the Atletic Sorocaba Club” in Sorocaba – Sao Paulo. Approximately 40 volunteers gathered.