Brazil: Celebrating Easter 2016

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FFWPU Brazil, Santo Amaro: The FFWPU Center in Santo Amaro celebrated the Easter 2016 on March 27, with participation of about 100 1st and 2nd generation children along with a team of 8 coordinators.

At the the first step we created a circuit of activities where each coordinator was responsible for organizing and coordinating. The main activities were: Art Corner (face painting, clothing and delivery bunny mask, paintings and drawings on the theme with paint, crayons and colored pencils) Play Lúdicas, egg race spoon, Race with bag, Dance Chair, Tail rabbit and Treasure Hunt with Easter eggs.

In the second stage we had a video presentation about the meaning of Easter. The video was a performance by children. After the video presentation we had quiz game, Q & A about Jesus and the True Father. , these questions were drawn from the past video and the Divine Principle for Children. The intention of this dynamic was to an evalution of the knowledge, trying to see what the children know and understand about Jesus and the Divine Principle.

In the third and final stage we delivered the Easter eggs (which was collected previously from Social Action Solidarity Easter 2016; partnership with the Sugar Loaf, Women’s Association and the Association of Families – Santo Amaro Headquarters).

We also had group photo taken and socializing with music and snack.

The event ended with prayer, been grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and humanity.

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