Australia: True Parents, True family and Our Resposibilities

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by FFWPU Australia, Kim Raymond, Rick Mclnerheney, and Soon Teck Lim: On March 19, Dr. Tyler Hendricks arrived in Sydney, Australia to begin a one-week educational tour. The purpose of his visit was to first share about True Parents and True Mother’s role after the ascension of True Father. Secondly, it was to address issues related to True Family and our responsibilities as blessed central families.

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It began from Sydney and took him to the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne before departing to New Zealand. On the evening of Saturday, March 19, Dr. Hendricks was invited by the youth to present his experiences with True Parents. He shared vivid stories of True Father and True Mother’s life with the youth. True Parents’ lives came alive through his testimonies, ranging from the moment he joined the movement, public mission, his Blessing, his life at the seminary, and other encounters with True Parents.

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On Sunday, March 20, during the Sunday Service, he presented two talks on the theme “The New Cultural Revolution: The Age of the Wife as Father Built It.” At the end of each talk, we conducted “Question and Answer” sessions. From the beginning, he showed that God’s original plan of creating Adam and Eve was to make them as His absolute and eternal object partners. Adam and Eve were meant to develop their characters and love to maturity. Upon achieving that, they were to receive the Holy Marriage Blessing from God. He then explained how True Parents have finally achieved that ideal and became one with God. Finally, he explained that True Mother has fulfilled her responsibility as the bribe and has inherited the authority of True Parents after the ascension of True Father.

A blessed wife commented the following remark after the talks: “I myself felt it was like clear water running from a well as Dr. Hendricks talked. I feel it was very necessary to hear him speak even though I am rock solid of my belief on True Parents as the central couple of all human history.” In the afternoon, Dr. Hendricks had the chance to speak to several blessed couples in private meetings until 4 pm. They were able to seek clarification from Dr. Hendricks through the meetings.

On Monday evening, March 21, we had the final gathering with Dr. Hendricks. During this period, we focused on “Q & A.” Many questions were presented and Dr. Hendricks was able to take time to give the answers in detail. One youth leader wrote of his reflection after the evening, “Through his stories of True Mother and the explanation of her work and life, I was able to better understand her position. It made me feel happy and confident about our True Mother.”

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The next day, The Queensland FFWPU community was happy to welcome Dr. Hendricks and Rev. Soon Teck Lim on the 22nd March for a brief visit to Brisbane on their Australian tour.

Dr. Hendricks shared his understanding of the providence as it is unfolding under True Mother following True Father’s ascension. He shared; under the banner “New Cultural Revolution: the age of the wife as Father built it”, his understanding of the “only begotten daughter”, claims of disunity between True Parents, the Cheon Pyeong providence, and the continuing activities of True Mother including her rationalization of systems of governance, finances and scripture as foundations for future development.

He was able to compare the “narratives” existent in the movement at this time and give his understanding of these. Dr. Hendricks brought a loving and non-judgmental attitude, perhaps in recognition that we are all brothers and sisters but have different experiences and motivations in their lives. However, he did point out the errors of fact within these narratives, based on True Fathers words, Divine Principle, reason, his own experience and anecdotal evidence of people close to providential events.

Kim Raymond, co-State Representative in Queensland, expressed the following regarding Dr. Hendricks’ visit, “My overall feeling was that his greatest desire is for a Unified Family centering on Heavenly Parents and True Parents, working together with one heart for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk, not one divided by matters of authority or interpretations of ritual.”

The Queensland community offered their thanks for his coming and the insights that he shared. They feel that all these insights will strengthen members’ resolve to work for True love and unity in the family, the community, the greater Unificationist movement and the greater society.

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Finally, Dr. Hendricks and Rev Lim visited Melbourne for the final city tour. They had two meetings with Dr. Hendricks in Melbourne, on 23rd and 24th evenings respectively.

The fist evening was on the theme developing our community and tribal messiahship activities. Dr. Hendricks gave us lots of practical ideas based on his research of church growth generally, as well as his experience in his church community in Red Hook NY. He shared ideas that members can think about to spread the word about our faith, and in particular he shared what he believes is the essence of our outreach THE HOLY MARRIAGE BLESSING. He talked about his radio ministry which testifies over the airwaves re the holy marriage blessing. Many members told me they were inspired with the content.

On the second night, he shared a power-point presentation regarding True Mother’s role in completing the purpose of creation, and completing God’s heart of love. True Father could accomplish his mission with the support of True Mother. Also, the whole point of the second coming is to find God’s daughter. There were plenty of deep content which we need to study and share with others who didn’t attend. Dr. Hendricks concluded by testifying that our role is to be the best couples and families, and “be generous of heart” with each other, and not to be critical.

We believe Dr. Hendricks is perhaps the best person we could have invited to Oceania at this juncture of the Providence. We offer thanks to Rev. Yoo and Rev Lim for their foresight in hosting his visit. Special thanks to International HQ for their support in sending Dr. Hendricks to this region.

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