A Joint WFWP and UPF Israel Interfaith Event

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By WFWP Israel: Inspired by WFWPI special prayer condition, WFWP Israel was holding an event in cooperation with the local chapter of UPF.

On March 1st WFWPI started special prayer condition in support of True Parents and the accomplishment of WFWP mission around the world. One of the prayer’s content refers to harmonizing of WFWP with other providential organizations in order to support the accomplishments of CIG together.

The President of WFWP Israel, Mrs. Adi Sasaki and the Secretary General of UPF Israel Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld organized a visit of Jewish community – lead by a woman Rabbi, to an Arab Village, hosted by local sheikhs.

21 people, UPF senior members, as well as WFWP senior members joint to express mutual respect and love to the other community. TF’s words about True love were read and taught by Dr. Hirschfeld, alongside with words from Jewish scriptures about the absolute value of life for each and any human being: regardless of their gender, color, nation or religion. The Druze philosophy about peace and loyalty to one’s nation were taught by Sheik Samich Nature.

The Jewish community from Jerusalem offered art pieces painted by artists from the community, and the hosts at Sheik Ali Birani’s house respected the guests with sweets and traditional coffee.

In gathering of people committed to values of living for the sake of others, true happiness was filling the room, and “One family under God” felt as a substantial reality.

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