59th European 15 Day Divine Principle Seminar

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by FFWPU Europe, Tibor Krebsz: We are very happy to announce the 59th European 15 day DP Seminar for all 1st and 2nd Gen (16 years up) to refresh and deepen our life of faith.

It is also the best chance for guests, who listened already to the content of the Divine Principle and know about True Parents to make their understanding and heartistic bound stronger. Usually after 15days seminar they decide to change their lifestyle and determine to realize the Three Great Blessings in their life and become active members.

Contents: including all Divine Principle lectures there are presentations of True Parents’ life, about our Church history, the practices of Heavenly Tradition, Formula Course, Matching-Blessing and practical guidance about Spiritual Growth, etc. The main lectures will be given by Mrs. Beatrice Clyburn and Mr.Tibor Krebsz and still we would like to invite other lecturers for specific lecture or testimony.

Participants: 16 years and up, 1st and 2nd generation, guests and members as well. The lectures will be given in English.

Date: July 1-15, 2016 (arriving 30th June, departure 15th morning)

Location: Slovakia, 900 42 Dunajska Luzna, Kvetoslavovska 5/358

Workshop fee: 270 euro for participants from West-Europe

210 euro for participants from East-Europe

Registration: until 15th of June 2016, to this email: krebsztibi@freemail.hu or csszvbe@bekehaz.hu

What to bring: Divine Principle book, Bible, notebook, pen, sleeping bag, sports and swimming dress, house shoes, insurance card, medicine, nice formal clothes for opening and closing program, FM radio for the translation.