Romania: 3 Days Shim Jung Workshop

By CARP Romania: The year 2016 has blessed us with our STF and UPA brothers and sisters to take part in our mission for Romania. We thus concluded the first 40 days JeogSung Condition for Jeondo with a 3 days Shim Jeong Workshop, for our most prepared new CARP members and STF brothers and sisters. UPA attended as staff. The purpose of the Workshop was to offer inspiration and vision for their lives to learn how to live a life attending our Heavenly Parents, and also to give practical guidance and inspiration by studying deeply the Divine Principle and discover new ways on how to become a person of goodness inheriting God’s heart.

The lectures were all given by our national leader Mr. Bong-Moon Jeong, and were oriented in giving practical faith life guidance centered on Principle of Creation, Human Fall and Restoration.

The first day started on Friday morning with HoonDokHae from Fathers words about the meaning of Penance, hard training of our mind and body, the meaning of GoSaeng (suffering, hardships) in our life. On such a foundation the lectures about Principle of Creation helped them to better understand the heart of God for Creation and our responsibility to become truly loving people of mature character to fulfill our portion of responsibility in front of God. The structure and the method of study in the workshop were a little different; the lectures where only 30 minutes long and after that, we separated in teams of 2 people so we can give lectures to each other for 10 minutes each. The attendees were encouraged to take notes very well and to be focused so they can lecture of what they understood from the main presentation. We discovered that this is the best way to study so far because the guests are engaged in give and take action, they feel responsibility to listen and also they learn and understand by teaching each other.

The second part of the day, we all participated in an intercultural event that we organized to further spread the message of One Family Under God. Everybody participated as staff as each nation presented about the tradition of their country (Ukraine, Japan, Korea, Austria and Romania), finally finishing the day with sharing about inspiration and realizations for the first day.

The second day was a challenge day. As the first day was more lectures, the second day was practice, a practical experience of GoSaeng, challenge, experience of Love and Faith. We separated in 3 teams and had a competition to achieve certain tasks and missions on the way to the mountains. The purpose was to practice the Principle and experience God. First mission was to make a “human pyramid” with one child on top, so we had to find a child and convince the parents to let him take picture with us on top of the “human pyramid”. Second mission was to climb Postavaru Mountain on the sky slope through the snow and wind and take a jumping picture on top of the mountain. After coming down from the mountain the 3’rd mission was to go to Brasov city and do ManMulBokKi (fundraising) to sell 3 products each, and in the end to take a picture with 3 old people in front of the city landmark. In the end it was a drive home for dinner and sharing about the experience.

The CARP members that participated to this Workshop were team leaders and they deeply experienced the heart of parents through this challenge. They had powerful realizations that will lead them on to their young faith life.

In the third day, in the morning were lectures about The Motivation of the Fall and Restoration, finishing with Sunday Service of Father’s words about Heart and Character.

The whole 3 days workshop was organized as a further step in preparing young members for a one year program and as a way to show more of the substance of True Parent’s teachings through practical examples in our lives. The participants were inspired and expressed their desire to become more serious in studying Divine Principle and attending CARP activities together with us.

Thank You so much dear Heavenly Parents and True Parents!


George (21 years): “I felt this time was very good spent and valuable. Even though I knew the topics, but Mr Jeong’s lectures were good and valuable because I could understand them more, from different perspective. Also my ability to speak and share my understanding improved, so I was very pleased that I could share it with the others and that they had a good feedback.

I think that a valuable day is one in which you put your effort and abilities into practice. When you lay down in your bed and you have dirty clothes and you are physically tired, that truly means that that day was a valuable day.

My determination for the next period is to maintain this state of mind clear and to live in the moment, to be ambitious and stubborn to achieve my goal. Make present in everyday! Mansei! I can do it!”

Stefania (20 years): “First day was a day where through the lectures I was reminded what Divine Principle means, what is the Principle of Creation, the original heart, true love, what is the fallen nature and the causes for it.

What impressed me the most and made a change in my soul for the best, was the second day of this workshop, when we had to go through Goseng. Being my first time, I didn’t knew what to expect or what I will gain from it. What happened though was beyond every expectation one can imagine. As we were told we had to climb on Postavaru Mountain on the sky slope, my first instinct was to refuse to do it, I wanted to give up so many times, but being team leader, I thought about my team and everybody I was with and I realized that these thoughts are just my fallen nature, fear, negativity, giving up. But as I got through it, my mind became more and more clear. My purpose was more and more clear. And as I got to the top I realized: I made it, I broke through my limit, through my spiritual and mental barriers! I felt so accomplished that my tears came out. I realized that my spiritual mind was put in the subject position and I was able to feel real joy.

Secondly, that same day I had my first experience of ManMulBukKi (Fundraising). I didn’t know what I was supposed to do or feel, but I could see clearly what my purpose was, therefore even though I was tired and hurting, cold from the climbing, while trying to explain to people our goals and purpose, yet again my spiritual mind was put in the subject position and I didn’t let my body control my actions, I didn’t feel the bad things.

I really feel that through this Workshop I could feel God’s true love, God’s ShimJeong. I am also very thankful for Mr Jeong and STF members for being there for me. Thank you!”

Nicoleta (16 years): “I think that these 3 days have helped me clear my mind. I have set some truly valuable principles for myself after participating in these lectures.

First of all, I have learned that it is most important to always be the one to take the first step, to initiate this give and take action with the others. Also with the help of the daily goals I managed to stay positive and have an open heart, and most important of all, my mantra is: “Do your best, never give up!” This helped me to go through my goseng activity which I really liked because it was a big challenge for me and gave me many responsibilities.

While studying the Principle of Creation I realized that give and take action is really important and that I have to share love with everyone, accept everyone and come to like everything about them, to love even what is ugly.

Also what I learned and I will try really heard to do from now on is to control not only my feelings, but my thoughts too. I know that doing so is not easy and there are many temptations, but I am determined to try my best. I cannot wait to attend further workshops to grow as a person even more. I truly feel inspired and grateful. Biggest thanks!”