USA: Third Annual Ocean Summit West


By NOCP, Clint Woods: Ocean loving leaders and members from around the nation and world were represented at the 3rd Annual Ocean Summit West at the IPEC in Las Vegas, Nevada. February 6-8, 2016.

Nearly all providential nations and organizations were represented. From the for profit businesses of Ocean Providence LLC to non profit organizations of FFWPU, CARP, WFWPU, and many others working together with Ocean Providence International, Inc., everyone sought to uplift and celebrate the victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.

During two full days of sharing, presentations, and education, historic leaders trained by True Parents in the Ocean Providence, joined with second generation to substantially dispel boundaries of all kinds together. In addition, all shared recently caught “sushi grade” King Salmon from the Kodiak community of Alaska, which, is also being flown to Korea to serve to True Mother by special request.

Everyone celebrated True Heavenly Parents Day with Reverend Ken Doo and the Las Vegas Family Church, and later enjoyed the Super Bowl on the a truly BIG screen at IPEC. Throughout the Ocean Summit, each person felt True Parent’s love in the unique beauty, design, and amenities of IPEC. The staff and cooks at IPEC surpassed expectations in every way; a testimony to leadership through serving.

Of special note, was a moment of prayer, thanks, and a strong sendoff for Dr. Balcomb on his way to attend True Parents in Korea for Foundation Day. Ocean Summit West unanimously expresses gratitude to Dr. Ki Hoon Kim for his unending support of these historic Ocean Summits, and the organizations attending to the vast Ocean Providence.