USA: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop

by FFWPU USA, Rev. Andrew Compton: Greetings from Las Vegas! We just concluded our third seven-day Divine Principle at the Peace Education Center. From February 13-20, our small but high-spirited group of seven first-generation Unificationist participants were so grateful to True Parents for the chance to be at the Peace Center, to be refreshed and renewed by the content of the Divine Principle, to be in place where we are surrounded by such beauty from God’s creation, and to be able to share the many lessons of life we have gained over the years attending our True Parents.

During our week together, we not only able to study the Divine Principle in depth; we also visited the Grand Canyon and the Holy Ground at Death Valley. We became so close in such a short time period, and it was difficult to say goodbye. At the graduation ceremony, several of the participants were in tears. More than anything, the emotion that was expressed was gratitude to True Parents.

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Lucimar Gerena : “I have learned many things and had many experiences during this workshop. Even though I read the Divine Principle every day, it was different when I heard brother Andrew’s explanation. It was so clear. This workshop was also the first time I wrote a letter to God. This was very profound for me.”

Curtis Martin : “My wife and I have been praying for a chance to take a retreat time to reflect and pray, to recharge our batteries. We are grateful for this chance to take a break from stressful jobs and re-focus our spiritual energy. I have been facing a real dilemma on the job. I feel that I have come to a dead end in my career. My job no longer inspires me, and I’m tired of doing the same thing month in and month out. I have been trying to think of other jobs that are more suited to my character, something with meaning that would be more fulfilling. I came to this seminar hoping to receive some insight or inspiration to help me solve this dilemma. I was inspired by the presentation on the three blessings. I realized that I have been looking for my value through external things, like my career and recognition from my boss and co-workers. Those things seem so empty and worthless now. I was struck anew that love is the key to unite mind and body.”

Sanae Martin : “Being in the boat that True Father went fishing in so many times, being in nature … it all was a wonderful experience!”

Zita Davis : “We studied the purpose of God’s creation, the joy and the beauty of life, and how God created everything centered on making humankind, through love, happy. As parents, we can feel the joy to see our children happy and full of accomplishments. Also, we studied about the physical world and spiritual world, preparation for life after, to bring us back to God.”

Maria Kiely : “My husband, Michael, and I attended the seminar together. This was a precious opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the Divine Principle. It is not enough to live it, but to deeply understand its transformative value for our lives to be able to communicate it to others with deep love. I have been very much lacking in this. This is a real awakening for me.”

Michael Kiely : “How resilient and deep the Divine Principle is! I am learning so many new truths and encountering Heavenly Parent anew, despite 44 years of learning the Divine Principle and teaching it as a missionary, lecturer and Sunday school teacher. With a measure of trepidation I had the privilege of sitting in True Father’s fishing chair on his boat today on Lake Mead. In the middle of the lake Ken Borneman, piloting the boat, shut off the engine, and we prayed, feeling True Parents so close! The quiet beauty of the lake with its waves gently lapping at the side of our boat embraced us all with Heavenly Parent’s love. The experience was very special.”

Honas Pimentel : “First, I give thanks to our Heavenly Parents and our True Parents, for being able to be here in this beautiful place, a holy place. To participate in the seminar is a huge blessing: the Divine Principle is great, full of inspirations and spiritual nourishment. I really appreciate the system of how the seminar is given. I wish all Blessed families could attend, especially because this place has the great foundation and inspiration of our True Parents.”

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