The Second Global Top Gun Workshop – February 2016: Day 4

By FFWPU USA: At the rate we’ve been going, every day promises to be an exciting and special day here at Top Gun. The day before yesterday, we saw Yeon Ah Moon at Cheong Pyeong. Yesterday we were invited to Seoul to share lunch, dinner, and a movie with In Sup Park.

Today (February 5, 2016), we discovered our clan colors.

Early in the day, cardboard boxes filled with bright blue, red, green, and black T-shirts were smuggled into our meeting hall and deposited in the control room. In the evening, the control room became the staging ground for a clan-wide fashion show—a competition, really, to determine which clan had the most pride and enthusiasm for their clan. (The Green Clan, apparently.)

With this new sense of identity, the energy of the Top Gunners seemed to shift. It’s easier to visualize that we belong to something greater than just ourselves; that we are connected—if only by the designation of a T-shirt color—to a community, to other people with whom we will share our experiences, goals, challenges, and dreams for the next two weeks.

Demian Dunkley, Director of Evangelism at FFWPU USA, also stressed very personally and potently to us today that it is up to us as leaders to cultivate the culture that we would like to live in. We needn’t wait, he insisted, for someone else higher up in the chain of command to take initiative and actualize much needed change and reform in our communities of faith, family, and career. After first being assigned to workshop families, and now solidifying our clan identities, I feel like we’re beginning to craft the network of support needed to build such a culture here at Top Gun—and if we can do it here, the possibilities for cultural growth, renewal, and inspiration afterward seem endless.

Throughout the week, it feels like God is slowly but surely making Him- and Herself known to us here at Top Gun. Under the guidance of Gerry Servito, participants are beginning to become attuned to the fact that though intellectual comprehension may be the starting point for meeting and understanding God, it’s ultimately not enough by itself. Professor Servito has stressed day after day, presentation after presentation, that we need to feel and experience God in our hearts to truly know Him and Her as our Heavenly Parent, as he has strived to do himself.

This is an incredibly inspiring thought for many of us here but also a very tall order. I think it’s so helpful to be working out the challenges of this vision here at the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, where prayer and devotion seem almost to saturate the air we breathe and the sunlight that intermittently shines through the windows into our lecture hall. And to be doing so together in color-coded clan solidarity makes it all the more joyful and fun.