Taiwan: Seonghwa Students Workshop

By FFWPU Taiwan: Since 20th of January, we begin Seonghwa workshop for Senior high school students.

Currently there are 124 second generation study in senior high school and half of them are active. They most concerned issue is “How to live out the style of God’s children, as well as actual challenges encountered in their daily life.” So the theme of this workshop is set to ” Become true Abel who makes Satan surrendered. ” They were taught about “Dual characteristics”, “Give and take action”, “communion of three object partners”, “Four position foundation” and “Being the good subject partner of God”. In total of 36 participants.

Among them, 30 high school students who come from Seonghwa president group also receive the leadership training in order to serve as the staff of Seonghwa workshop for junior high school students. Therefore, they receive the guidance concerning the attitude of attendance and practice course for Seonghwa Junior high school students.

Seonghwa workshop for Junior high school students was held from 26-29 January, in total of 90 trainees and 30 staff of high school students. The theme of workshop is “Inherit God’s true love and become true filial of CIG.” The trainees are guided concerning how to make report with God, as well as the significance of worship and what’s the right attitude to worship. They also were guided to form the sense of community of second generation realm, and build friendship and partnership support forces among second generation realm. Under sincere interaction and support with each other, all participants are fully moved and decided to overcome the challenge in the future!