Sun Jin Nim at True Parents’ Birthday Celebration

Events Commemorating True Parents’ Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day

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True Parents’ Birthday Celebration

Welcoming Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

Cheongshim Peace World Center, February 13, 2016

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Excellencies! Distinguished delegates from around the world, including more than 150 current members of parliament from more than 50 nations! Ladies and Gentlemen! Brothers and Sisters!

Happy True Parents Birthday!!!

It is my special privilege and honor to share a few words with you today on this very, very special occasion.

Today, in the presence of True Mother, we honor and celebrate the birthdays of both my father and my mother. True Father would be 96 today, and True Mother is a very young 73.

On this glorious day we celebrate their amazing life, legacy, and true lineage; the starting point of true peace, true love and the restoration of all humankind; we celebrate the birth of our True Parents.

True Father was born in 1920 in Jeongju township in North Korea, during the Japanese occupation.

He lived almost a century, witnessing a world in a constant state of conflict, from the Korean war, the two world wars, the Vietnam war, the Middle East conflict, terrorism, 9/11, and every manner of global crisis in between, a steady stream of turmoil, suffering, and confusion.

Despite his war-torn childhood, imprisonment and religious persecution, he overcame every temptation to become bitter, cynical or resentful. Rather, he committed himself gratefully to God’s providence, and began to teach and travel the world, bringing to light the principles of peace, true love, forgiving ones enemy, and living for the sake of others.

The first line of his autobiography tells of the stoic vision of peace he embraced even as a child. He writes,

I have lived my life with just one thought. I wanted to bring about a world where there are no wars and where human kind lives in love. Perhaps some may say “how is it possible that you were thinking about peace when you were just a child.” Is it so astonishing that a child would dream of a peaceful world?” …Perhaps for people who experience these horrors of bloodied bodies and broken bones, peace has been something that could be imagined only in a dream. Peace, though, is not so difficult to accomplish. To begin with we can find peace in the air we breathe, in the natural environment, and in the people around us.” (PLGC, 2)

Please take this moment to meet all the Peace Loving Global Citizens around you! True Father’s dream of peace lives in each of you!

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During the nearly 80 years of his public ministry, he gathered and witnessed to millions of people from around the globe, uplifting and inspiring them to an awareness of the higher purpose and consciousness of the universe and to an understanding of the true heart and nature of our Heavenly Parent.

He taught that we are all Heavenly Parent’s children and that, at the root of all life, there is true love; as such, we must honor each life as sacred. He opened churches, schools, and businesses all to spread this message of peace and oneness with each other and all of creation.

He writes,

The truth of the universe is that we must acknowledge each other and help each other…The principle of the universe is for everyone to live together, for the sake of one another. Anyone who deviates from this faces certain ruin. If nationalities and religions continue to attack each other maliciously, humanity has no future. There will be an endless cycle of terror and warfare until one day we become extinct. But we are not without hope. There is clearly hope. I have lived my life without ever letting go of that hope and always kept alive the dream of peace. What I want is to wipe away completely the walls and fences that divide the world in myriad ways and to create a world of unity. I want to tear down the walls between religions and races and fill in the gap between the rich and the poor. Once that is done, we can re-establish the world of peace that God created in the beginning. I am taking about a world where no one goes hungry and no one sheds tears. To heal a world where there is no hope and which is lacking in love, we need to go back to the pure hearts that we had as children. To shed our desire to possess ever-increasing amounts of material wealth and restore our beautiful essence as human beings, we need to go back to the principles of peace and breath of love that we learn as we were being carried on our father’s backs. (PLGC, 7)

The above passage is from the very first chapter of True Father’s autobiography, a section entitled, “What I learned about peace while being carried on my Fathers Back.”

In this section, he tells the story of when he was a young boy and would go off to play in the forest and hills, and, of being so completely immersed in nature that night would fall and he would fall asleep in the woods.

He writes,

My father would be forced to come find me. When I heard my father shouting in the distance, Yong Myung! Yong Myung! I couldn’t help but smile, even as I slept. My name as a child was Yong Myung. The sound of his voice would awaken me, but I would pretend to be asleep. He would hoist me onto his back and carry me home. That feeling I had as he carried me down the hill- feeling completely secure an able to let my heart be completely at ease- that was peace. That is how I first learned about peace, while being carried on my father’s back.

That peace was true parental love. This unconditional and eternal love of a parent that calls out and stumbles through the dark to find his children and carry them home!

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Throughout history, such love is the love of God, our heavenly parent.

This same love, True Father and True Mother have given to Blessed Family members worldwide; this selfless, sleepless, caring love, carrying us all home to Cheon Il Guk on their backs, as God’s children, in complete peace and security.

This is True love. These are our True Parents. This is the truth of our Heavenly Parent.

Being given this gift of love we need to make this dream of peace, which True Father had as a child, a living reality.

Let us be like children again, sons and daughters who live to spread True Love and carry on our backs all the other children of the world.

We must all open our hearts and experience the eternal peace of being lovingly carried on Heavenly Parent’s back. We must pass down this precious lineage and tradition to future generations.

Thank you True Father!

We wish you the happiest 96th birthday! AJU!


True Mother was born in 1943 in Anju township in North Korea.

She was only eight years old when the Korean war broke out.

As a young child she witnessed gruesome death and incomprehensible destruction of her homeland and its people. She harrowingly fled for her life with her grandmother and her mother and was miraculously reunited with her uncle, who was stationed in an army base in Daegu South Korea.

Despite all the horrors she encountered in her early years True Mother was the embodiment of peace and unscathed purity, piety, and goodness.

In 1960 she was engaged and blessed to True Father, on April 11th. From that day she has walked the hilly parental path with our True Father; together they carry the world’s children on their backs and bring them in peace and love back home.

In his autobiography, True Father writes

My wife’s dream is to see all women raised as true daughters with filial hearts who can create peace at home, in our communities, in our nations, and in the world. The woman’s movement being carried out by my wife serves the goal of true families, which are the root of peace in all areas of life. (PLGC199)

Though out history, women have been persecuted, but I predict this will change. The coming world will be one of reconciliation and peace based on women’s maternal character, love and sociability. This time is coming when the power of women will save the world. (PLGC198)

Mother had to become a true mother, a true wife and a true daughter. To complete even one of these three missions is difficult, but mother has completed them all. Also, she had to be a mother by giving birth to (14) sons and daughters. (CSG, 158)

To this day no one has known Mother. I invested myself in her through three stages, formation, growth, and completion. Because it is time to seek sons and daughters in the perfected world devoid of the Fall, you can proclaim clearly that the True Father is Sun Myung Moon and the True Mother is Hak Ja Han. (CSG,159)


They are our True parents, and on this day we sincerely offer them both our eternal gratitude and love, for carrying us all and teaching us what it means to have true love and world peace.

I pray that all of you can learn more deeply about them, and study True Parents’ lives and their great works; for, in these few passages, I have only read the tip of the iceberg, so to say, of their long history of living for the sake of others.

My hope and my prayer is that we can all take their love and wisdom and pay it forward to future generations and to all people of the world who have yet to have felt the true parental love of being carried home safely, securely, and peacefully with true love on HP and TPs backs.

Wishing our beloved True Parent’s, the happiest of birthdays!!!

Abogi, omoni, salanghamnida! Kamsahmnida! Chukhadelimnida!

Once again, thank you!  May Heaven’s Blessing pour forth upon each one of you, your families and your nations.

Happy True Parents’ Birthday!

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