Sun Jin Nim at Cheong Pyeong Great Works

Events Commemorating True Parents’ Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day

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Cheong Pyeong Great Works

Main Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

Cheong Pyeong Training Center, February 12, 2016

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Dear beloved brothers and sisters, precious members of True Parents’ extended family.

I am honored and humbled to be in your presence today in this holy and sacred place, on the occasion of the “Cheongpyeong Special Great Works” program, held in honor of True Parents’ Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day.

True Mother asked me to express her love and appreciation to each one of you.

This holy place of Cheongpyeong, and the Special Great Works programs, have been an essential part of Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents ministry, and Heavenly Parent’s providence of restoration. At this time, we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Cheong Pyeong Holy Ground, a place where True Parents offered their blood, sweat and tears for so many years, and where so many brothers and sisters have come to offer devotions in the Prayer Hall, Chanyang Yoeksa, and “wish paper prayers,”, while also participating in various workshops, and the ancestor liberation and blessing ceremonies, centering on True Parents, True Children and Dae Mo nim in the spirit world.  These are “great works” in themselves.

As we know, True Parents mission involves not only the restoration of the 7 billion people living on this earth, but also the billions of spirit selves in the spiritual world.

Heaven and earth together form a cosmic whole.  Spiritual world and physical world, like our own mind and body, are to be united as one, centered on the Will of our Heavenly Parent.

Let me read a quotation from the Cham Bumo Gyeong that describes the significance of Cheong Pyeong:

This land of Cheong Pyeong can become the foundation where an individual can be reborn. It is the place of cooperation between heaven, centering on the spirit, and earth, centering on the body. It can also be a place of the heart where a family or even a nation can be born, a place where the world and heaven and earth can be born, and where the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be built. (CBG,439)

Let me also share the following precious quote from True Mother’s words:

If you look at the location of Cheongpyeong on a map and compare it with a human body, it is the womb. Isn’t this interesting? The womb is where new life is conceived. Cheongpyeong is a place that can make fallen human beings, wild olive trees, into true olive trees. All the people of the world should rush to come here. Therefore, we need to save new lives. They need to know that the providence will be accomplished through True Parents. Not through some individual.” (10242015TM)

As we stand here today on these holy grounds, it is as though we are re-entering the womb of true love, a sacred place where Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ dreams for world peace and one unified family under God can be deeply felt.

At this time and in this place, we can experience a great awakening; we can recommit ourselves joyfully to this blessed life and tradition which have been given to us!

May your time here be truly blessed and may healing, rebirth, grace, and the unconditional parental love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents cradle and carry you to true health, happiness and heavenly fulfillment! Aju!

In closing, I’d like to quote from one of True Father’s prayers:

Dear God, remember this day and recognize this place to be under the ownership of Heaven, so that it can be a center of worship for thousands of years and thousands of generations as well as the starting point of the realm of heart, where flesh and spirit become one through the tradition of love. In all of heaven and earth, please permit this place to become the palace of devotion, the palace of love, and the palace of worship, where we respect the relationship of lineage. I sincerely ask and hope that, with the parents of heaven and earth always at its center, you will permit this place to become the unique memorial point of origin for the vast consecration of our worldwide movement, connected by the sovereign power of eternal love.”(CBG, 440)

As depicted in True Father’s prayer, may we honor and cherish the time we spend on these hallowed grounds, where True Parents have opened the gates so that Heavenly Parent’s eternal love can restore, revive, reconnect our mind, bodies and spirit back to harmony, peace, love and unity with the eternal light and heart of the divine.

Your participation in this Great Works program at the time of True Parents Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day is of special significance. Your presence here, your sincerity, your sacrifice, and your love for True Parents and your ancestors are a testimony to your faith, your goodness, and your insight into the depth of Heaven’s providence.

True Mother is leading the providence here on the earth.  She has worked ceaselessly since True Father’s passing to secure the foundation of our movement through the development of the Constitution, the publication of the Three Great Scriptures, and the preparation of the next generation and generations to come to carry forward our movement for eternity.

Our True Father, having devoted himself with infinite dedication to God and to humanity, is now in the spiritual world, where he continues his attendance to Heavenly Parent’s will.  In fact Heavenly Parent’s Will and True Parents Will are one.

In other words, True Parents have dominion of the cosmos, both the spiritual world and the physical world. In addition, we know that Hyo Jin nim, Heung Jin nim, and other ascended True Children, along with Dae Mo nim, are leading the way in the spiritual world centering on our True Parents.

I know it is a supreme comfort and inspiration for Heavenly Parent and True Parents to observe your presence here.

The Great Works that are accomplished here have direct and positive impact on the providence. You are laying the foundation for the fulfillment of Vision 2020, and the establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

Thank you for your great love and service to our True Parents and Heavenly Parent’s providence.

Brothers and Sisters, as you begin this Great Works program, I wish blessing upon blessing for you, your couple, your family, and your ancestors.

We are so blessed to have our True Mother leading us at this time.  And our movement is blessed to have faithful sons and daughters such as yourselves.

Thank you all. May Heaven’s love and grace shine down upon each and every one of you.

“Kamsahamnida! Salanghamnida! Namaste!

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