Sun Jin Nim at Luncheon Celebrating the Third Anniversary of Foundation Day

Events Commemorating True Parents’ Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day


Luncheon Celebrating the Third Anniversary of Foundation Day

Welcoming Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

Cheong Pyeong Training Center, Korea – February 20, 2016

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Beloved True Mother!  Members of the True Family!  Brothers and Sisters!

And, especially, the recently Blessed couples who participated in today’s ceremony!”

Happy Foundation Day 2016!

Happy Blessing Day 2016!

Congratulations on this glorious and meaningful day!

I am always moved whenever I observe the celebration of the Holy Blessing Ceremony.

Beautiful brides all in white and grooms in distinguished suits all coupled and awaiting in a sea with hundreds and thousands of other couples like waves ebbing, as if in a classic black and white picture, coming together as one family under God to celebrate this holy day.

As I read the Cheon Seong Gyeong chapters on the meaning, significance and history of the blessing, several key words stand out, shining brightly: eternal love, harmony, grace, service, completion, oneness, family, and unity with all.

Those passages in Cheon Seong Gyeong are so precious and valuable.

I hope each of you, young and old; already-blessed couples or yet-to-be-blessed singles can read these chapters over again for hoondokhwe. It’s always good to be reminded and re-taught; in that way we can rekindle true love.

As I observed today’s Holy Blessing, held on Foundation Day 2016, and in honor of True Parents’ Birthday, I felt that we are at such a precious moment in time; a time when past, present, and future intentions, vows, and pledges to unconditionally love, to live for the sake of others, and to live as one glorious human family with creation are being manifested, flowing like a true love tsunami that will transform this world, bringing it back into the embrace of God, our Heavenly Parent!


Congratulations once again!

As we see our beautiful newly Blessed couples embark on this magnificent journey to discover true love in all forms, and plant the seeds for future generations of Blessed children, one can’t help but burst with joy.

Also, as we prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies to fully pledge our devotion to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the sake of the 7 billion people of the world on this New Year 2016 Foundation Day, we can be sure that our Heavenly Parent, True Father and all of heaven and earth are jubilantly rejoicing together with us at this present moment.

When I deeply reflect and think of the significance of True Parents’ Birthday, their life history, their great works for heaven, earth, humankind and all of creation, making it possible for all of us to come together to share these precious moments, I feel it is nothing short of a miracle.

With this in mind, let me share one triumphant story of the victory of true love that made it possible for each of us to be here today and into eternity as truly Blessed Families.

In 1960 when True Father and True Mother participated in the first Blessing Ceremony, in front of Heavenly Parent, True Father said, and I quote from his autobiography:

…during the ceremony, I told my bride that she was about to embark on a difficult course. “I think you are already aware that marrying me will not be like any other marriage. We are becoming husband and wife to complete the mission given to us by God to become True parents, not to pursue the happiness of two individuals, as in the case with other people in the world. God wants to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through a true family. You and I will travel a difficult path to become True parents who will open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven for others. It is a path that no one else in history has traveled, so even I don’t know all that it will involve. During the next seven years you will experience many things that will be difficult to endure. Don’t forget, even for a moment, that the life we live is different from others. Don’t do anything, no matter how trivial, without first discussing it with me, and obey everything I tell you.”  True mother was only sixteen and with sheer determination, she responded, “My heart is already set. Please do not worry.”

Most women, myself included would not have had this level of maturity, courage nor absolute resolve.But True Mother is unlike any other. She responded as follows:

I have been living until now in accordance with the will of God. In the future, as well, I will follow God’s will as His servant, no matter what that may be.” (195, PLGC)

She vowed, pledged and lived these words throughout her life so that today all women and all of humanity can be liberated from fallen nature and be blessed to live with infinite joy, love, and grace, in the direct dominion of Heavenly Parent.

What a daunting engagement story, and yet, what an astonishing victory!

Whenever you feel as though your path is uncertain or unbearable, think of the faith of our True Parents. You will gain the power to overcome any obstacle in your path, and “follow God” no matter what.

Thank you True Parents! It is because of your foundation that we can stand here today as blessed families and tribal messiahs to bring restoration, the blessing and peace to all of Heavenly Parent’s children.

Before I conclude, allow me to cite one more quote from the Cheon Seong Gyeong, on the significance of the Blessing, which we celebrate on this precious day:

The era in which the Blessing is given is the most important time. It is the time when God’s wishes can finally be fulfilled and His grief of the past six thousand years can be resolved. It is also the time when the wishes of Jesus, who came to earth as the Son of God for all humanity, can be fulfilled. Moreover, it is the moment when people can truly love for the first time since their creation, and receive respect, honor and joy from the rest of creation. On that day, all evil will disappear and we will usher in a new era with the bright rays of the ascending sun. Nature will rejoice, everything in the universe will dance with joy and we will welcome a bright new morning, the new morning of victory. From CSG 12, 505,

True Father, in heaven, we offer you our eternal gratitude and love, and to our True Mother here on earth. Without you none of us would be born or able to be reborn.

Without True Parents none of us would be blessed and liberated from this history of suffering and indemnity.

Heavenly Parent and True Parents, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Aju!

Happy Foundation Day 2016!

Happy Blessing Day!

Congratulations to all and enjoy this beautiful luncheon our True Mother prepared!