Singapore: The Multicultural Family Peace Blessing Festival


By FFWPU Singapore: FFWPU community in Singapore held the third Blessing Festival on the January 31, 2016.

Singapore is a nation of diverse ethnic groups with multi-religious denominations living peacefully in harmony, and hence, it is an ideal place for a joint cultural and interfaith peace marriage celebration. ​

The Multicultural Family Peace Blessing Festival gathered 41 previously married couples in a banquet styled wedding ballroom, with more than 100 staff and guests in attendance.

The couples came together to re-dedicate their marriage vows, in the hope of revitalizing the quality of their marriages and the building a 3 generation ideal family.​

Some foreign couples from Myanmar, Philippines and India who are currently working in Singapore also participated in the Blessing Festival. Their participation added a colorful and joyous delight of mixed nationalities and traditions.

The Blessing Festival helps to promote the importance of strong family ideologies and the universal values of raising up children of good moral characters.  This event therefore contributes to the building of a harmonious society and a prosperous nation. ​

We congratulate all the blessed couples and wish them all a wonderful and successful marriage and family lives ahead.

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