Scandinavian Regional Meeting

By FFWPU Sweden: During the last weekend of last month On January 30 – 31, 2016: we had our first Scandinavian regional meeting ever in Stockholm. Regional President, Mr. Jack Corley came to Sweden for the first time, it was the seventy-third country he visited in his far-reaching work for True Parents. Also Mr Jacques Marion, General Affairs of UPF in Europe, participated together with Mr Igarashi, Sub regional leader of Scandinavia, National leaders and leaders from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. On Saturday many topics were covered and discussed: summary of 2015, vision 2020, UPF in Europe and Second generations’. activities.

The next day at Sunday service around 90 people came and listened to Jack Corley´s inspiring service. Instead of just trying to fulfil external goals of vision 2020 he spoke about the importance of internal attitude and living together with God. We can all learn from True Mother in this case and her goals of gratitude, forgiveness, love and unity in daily life.

The regional meeting was concluded with a big dinner with Jack and twenty- one second generations from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The meeting was successful and the atmosphere was open and warm.